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[09.06] Update of the week: Daily Attendance Rewards, Shop Discounts and More

Discussion in 'Weekly updates' started by CM GodFather, Jun 8, 2021.

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    The maintenance is over, the server is online. Changelog:

    — This Friday another Black Market Auction will take place with an Extra Rare Bear Backpack as a lot.
    — Another Daily Attendance Event starts today! Get prizes for simply logging in!

    — The Papa Bear's Treasure is here both individually and in packs to Bring cuddly energies to everyone in Rune-Midgard. Check our Launcher and the Shop.
    The Shop is on Sale and offering up to 50% discount in several items!

    Finished activities:
    — The First Picnics! event came to an end;
    — The Special packs were removed from the launcher;
    Lubricants were removed from the in-game shop;
    — The Change Name Card were removed from both the launcher and the in-game shop.