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In-game Shop Update: Force Energy

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Aug 17, 2021.

  1. CM GodFather

    CM GodFather Ragnarok and Rising Force Innova Group

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    Event Duration: 18.08 - 01.09

    PvP Box

    Possible Rewards:

    MAU Accelerator Converter
    Energy Prism

    Battle Instant Movement

    Battle Summon

    Quick Revival Potion

    Location Tracing Scroll[Dagnue]

    Location Tracing Scroll[Dagan]

    Location Tracing Scroll[Dagon]

    Location Tracing Scroll[Dark Sign]

    Location Tracking Scroll[Ringleader-BloodAxe]

    Location Tracking Scroll[FlameDraco]

    Location Tracing Scroll[SoulSinder]

    Location Tracing Scroll[CalianaQueen]

    Location Tracing Scroll[CaliBoss-Charm]

    Location Tracing Scroll[CaliBoss-White]

    Location Tracing Scroll[SoulSinder]

    Neutralizing Potion

    Adrenal (Attack and Defense)

    Adrenal (Attack and Crit)

    Adrenal (Attack and Evasiveness)

    Adrenal (Attack and Speed)

    Adrenal (Attack and Accuracy)

    Adrenal (Attack and Invisibility)

    Adrenal (Attack and Debuff)

    Adrenal (Attack and HP)
    With a bit of luck you get from the box the MAU Accelerator Converter.

    MAU Accelerator Converter
    When combined with the Hero, it allows you to transform lvl 40 (Anti-Critical), lvl 50 (Anti-Critical) or Gold Jetpack into a MAU Accelerator. Gives the following bonuses: cannot be broken when upgraded up to +4, adds +5 to the Anti-Crit parameter. For the period of the 5th stage of the Summer Event (18th of August - 1st of September), it is transferable and grants additional bonus characteristics: + 20% HP.

    Inanna Set
    This coupon allows you to claim the following Items: Original place revival potion 40 pcs, Teleport Potion 30 pcs, Summon Potion 30 pcs, Adrenal [Attack/Critical Attack 40pcs, Innana Wings Converter 1 pc.

    Inanna Wings
    Increases movement speed and HP. Standard: x1.7 movement speed + 15% HP. For the period of the 5th stage of the Summer Event (18th of August - 1st of September), additional characteristics are increased: x2 mivement speed + 20% HP.

    Have a great Game!