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[15.09] Maintenance Announcement

Discussion in 'Maintenance announcements' started by RO_Imp, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. RO_Imp

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    This Wednesday, 15.09 both Servers will undergo maintenance starting from 09:00 CEST.
    The works are expected to take 4 hours on Revo-classic and 2 hours on Prime.
    Planned Changes:

    — The new update El Dicastes will be released. Please check the patch notes;
    The Light and fire event is going to be finished. We hope you had a good time in Alberta;
    The Fortune, Fate and Destiny sets are going to leave the launcher.

    — The Light & Fire Festival was a huge success but it will come to an end.
    — The Refinement Sets will be removed from the Launcher.
    — The Baptismal Cross will also be removed so do not waste any time to grab yours.

    The full changelog will be posted after the maintenance.
    Reminder for guild leaders, the drop from the WoE chests must be collected before the maintenance's start.
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