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In-game Shop Update: RF Fest

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Sep 24, 2021.

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    A good festival takes a lot of hard work but also plenty of nice, nice offers. Do not waste anytime and shop for the limited RF Fest
    Sets that contain the Festival Box as well as the RF Fest Pack that contains the unique RF Blade Coupon!

    Start of the sale: 28.09
    End of the sale: 05.10


    There is a new RF Fest Box in the Game Store. It costs only €0,99. You get:


    With a certain chance, there may be special items in the box:


    RF Fest Jetpack Converter

    When combined with the Hero, it allows you to transform lvl 40 (Anti-Critical), lvl 50 (Anti-Critical) or Gold Jetpack into a RF Fest Jetpack.

    Gives the following bonuses:
    • cannot be broken when upgraded up to +4;
    • adds +5 to the Anti-Crit parameter.
    For the period of the RF Fest, it is transferable and grants additional bonus characteristics: + 20% HP.


    RF Fest Pack

    This coupon allows you to claim the following Items: Quick Revival Potion 25pcs, Teleport Potion 25 pcs, Battle Summon Potion 25 pcs, Adrenal [Attack/Critical Attack] 25 pcs, RF Fest Blade Coupon 1 pc.


    RF Fest Blade Coupon

    Allows you to acquire Golden Blade (untradable) from a Hero. Boosts movement speed and HP. Standart boost: x1.7 movement speed and +15% HP.

    For the period of the RF Fest boost is increased: x2 movement speed and +20% HP.

    Have a Great Game!

    P.S.: This information has informational purposes only and may be changed after the release.
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