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How can i reach level 44?

Discussion in 'Players asking players' started by Sylfon, Sep 27, 2021.

  1. Sylfon

    Sylfon User

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    Hi, i've killed 200 mobs in Sea of Spores but i need to reach level 44 to finish the quest... how can i do it? :( even having killed all the mobs i'm still at level 40 :/
  2. Loree

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    Make sure to have Saya Grace active, without it you will get close to zero exp and drops. Beside saya's grace there are some exp boost consumbles, the most important one is saya's gust (1-75lvl) and saya's storm lv3 scrolls.

    If you are free to play make sure to save those for the daily transcendence instance. It should get you to 45+ easily.

    The main source of exp in l2 essence comes from magic lamps, until you reach end-game and have gear to exp in top locations.

    Some tips:
    1. Join Discord - way easier to get answers to your questions there:https://discord.gg/txMqWtJh
    2. Take a look at the guide section, some are a little bit outdated but overall information is still viable:

    Good Luck :>