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In-game Shop Update: Halloween

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by CM GodFather, Oct 27, 2021.

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    Main Event
    Duration: From 27/10 to 03/11

    The Cash Shop has been just updated with the Cursed Sets and the Eerie Cursed Box, starting at €0.99

    Cursed Box's possible rewards

    Cursed Bag Converter
    Battle Teleport Potion
    Battle Summon Potion
    Quick Revival Potion
    Location Tracing Scroll (Dagnue)
    Location Tracing Scroll (Dagan)
    Location Tracing Scroll (Dagon)
    Location Tracing Scroll (Dark Sign)
    Location Tracing Scroll (Ringleader-BloodAxe)
    Location Tracing Scroll (Flame Draco)
    Location Tracing Scroll (Soul Sinder)
    Location Tracing Scroll (CaliBoss Charm)
    Location Tracing Scroll (CaliBoss White)
    Location Tracing Scroll (Caliana Queen)
    Adrenal (Attack/Defense)
    Adrenal (Attack/Evasion)
    Adrenal (Attack/Crit)
    Adrenal (Attack/Accuracy)
    Adrenal (Attack/Skill Cooldown)
    Adrenal (Attack/HP Increase)
    Adrenal (Attack/Invisibility)
    Neuralizing Potion
    Adrenal (Attack/Speed)
    From all the special possible items, you can get a creepy Cursed Bag Converter

    Cursed Bag Converter
    When combined with the Hero, it allows you to transform lvl 40 (Anti-Critical), lvl 50 (Anti-Critical) or Gold Jetpack into a Cursed Bag. Gives the following bonuses: cannot be broken when upgraded up to +4, adds +5 to the Anti-Crit parameter. For the period of the event, it is transferable and grants additional bonus characteristics: + 20% HP.

    Big Cursed Sword Set

    This coupon allows you to claim the following Items: Quick Revival Potion (25), Battle Instant Movement (25), Battle Summon (25), Adrenal [Attack\Critical Attack] (25), Cursed Sword Coupon.

    Cursed Sword Converter
    Allows you to acquire the Cursed Sword(untradable) from a Hero. Boosts movement speed and HP. Standart boost: x1.7 movement speed and +15% HP. For the period of the Halloween 2021 boost is increased: x2 movement speed and +20% HP.

    Have a great game!