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Giant Error on Colection

Discussion in 'Players helping players' started by Sergiops, Nov 19, 2021.

  1. Sergiops

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    Hello Everyone
    Firstly i am sorry about my English, using (a Translator).
    I know that my post dont belong to this page but as i dont have privileges to post it on Global Active (Game Bugs) i am gonna post it here on (Players help Players)

    So lets Start

    Guys i found a Giant Error in a Colections, i thought it all about my account but i already tested it on my other accounts and you alsow can test it at all.
    Since i am not Top gear player i am always looking on my status like p. atk/Atribute etc.. i dident post any picture to show you because i dont know how :////
    Since last week i noticed that my status chenges when i switch to my Dual class and back i lose all my colection status that i learn for example on my colection i learned

    P. atk, M.atk +1%
    Attribute Attack and resistence +30
    Power of basic attacks and p/m. skill power +2%
    Weapon P./M.Atk +10

    all this status are gone when i switch on dual and even if i switch back to my main it will be the same(no Colection BONUS), thats what i realized need to do, i need Relog my character to get all my Bonus colection back, only that way i can enjoy colection bonus :/

    I ask to Innova check this Bug and try to fix it as this is a big bug...

    Thanks for your time and i hope some answer soon about this topic
  2. NeoTiger

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    It's a known issue which got already reported. Just restart after switching class or resetting AP.