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Taekwon Boy/Girl playable before Soul Linker?

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by MaoAm, Nov 24, 2021 at 6:37 AM.

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    I just leveled my Taekwon to base-level 45 job-level 50 using AGI/STR/DEX stats and kick skills. Then changed job to Soul Linker, but now the kick skills are disabled and my stats deal no magic damage.

    So now people told me, that there is no way to reset and I should just delete it and make a new one

    Which leads me to my question:

    Is it officially intended that, in order to play a Taekwon
    that should change into Soul Linker, you have to not play Taekwon, but instead
    create another account, be able to double login and just play another class at the same time to party him and require more amount of time and experience, while you confidently give him "useless INT stat for his class" and "avoid to skill any attack skills" until you reach job 50, which you will reach most likely after base level 40, so that free skill reset is no option after job change at all?

    Really ...?

    So this class is not playable before job change to Soul Linker
    or how do people kill anything with full INT?

    Sorry, but I will not create another two characters.