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Event: Happy Hour

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Rusitica, Dec 16, 2021.

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    Event date and time:
    December 18 at 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. CET (9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. MSK)

    • All users have one hour to upgrade any item;
    • The improvement is done using game resources, upgrade - manually;
    • Or with the help of modifiers bought in the game store;
    • The promotion is valid for items sharpened to +5 and more;
    • You can upgrade weapons (armor) with a converter.
    All the combinations are performed by the Hero, for this you will need:

    1. Manual stone upgrading (analogous to manual upgrading)
    • Modifiable item, upgraded from +4, except mixed variants (jetpacks from +0);
    • The talic, with which the item will be modified depend on the characteristics of the item: if the item was upgraded to +4 +5 +6 with Grace Talic, then the talic used must be the Grace Talic too);
    • Set of stones (is assembled by the Hero from 4 stones of different types):
      • Т4 (minimal chance);
      • Т5 (medium chance);
      • Т6 (high chance);
      • Т7 (very high chance).
    • Stardust - can be obtained during the HQ Beacons event. There are 3 beacons in each HQ (they appear once every 5 minutes), each beacon contains 400 units of stardust (which disappears in 30 minutes). In case of a successful modification, instead of +1 talic, you will get +2 talics, but there is a possibility that the item will break or that the sharpening will return to +0. The probability that the upgrade will be nullified is greater than the probability that the item will break. With a successful upgrade from +6 to +7, the reward from +7 will be doubled, that means that you will immediately receive 2 identical items +7 .
    • 777 Coupon - 777 Coupon is available in the cash shop and protects that precious item you have from unsuccessful upgrading. Put it in the fifth cell when creating the combination, and if you are unlucky enough to have a failed combination, your coupon will be broken instead of your item. But be careful! The 777 coupon only works during the Happy Hour event.

    2. Upgrade with modifiers
    • An item with suitable characteristics for the modifier (depending on the number of cells and type). If the modifier is 3-6, then the item must have at least 6 cells.
    • Мodifier
    • Stardust - can be obtained during the HQ Beacons event. There are 3 beacons in each HQ (they appear once every 5 minutes), each beacon contains 400 units of stardust (which disappears in 30 minutes). Result: all modifiers receive +1 to minimum upgrade and +1 to maximum upgrade (modifier 3-6 will become a 4-7 modifier and the number of cells required for the modification will increase ). Mod 5-7 becomes 6-7 and mod 6-7 becomes 7-7.
      • In the case of using modifiers there is no doubling of +7 upgrade! But the chances of upgrade the item to +7 increase.
    • 777 Coupon - excludes the possibility of breaking an item when using unstable modifiers.

    Beacons in the HQ (collecting Stardust):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    What can I do if I bought 777 coupon, did not use it and my weapon broke?
    Nothing. The coupon is purchased before the item is sharpened and is used immediately in the combination.

    Will I get a refund if I don't need the 777 coupon that I purchased?
    Money paid for unused 777 coupons is not refunded, but the coupon can be used for the next Happy Hour event.

    Is it possible that when sharpening the weapon the converter disappears?
    No. The converter and the weapon are a single entity.

    Do I really need stardust?
    Without stardust, the conditions of the event are not met. That means only combinations, that include stardust will work as Event combinations.

    Does the 777 coupon disappear when used?
    Yes, in any case. It removes possible negative side effects of upgrade (item destruction and talics removal).

    • During Happy Hour event, you don't need to follow the standard modification methods! An essential requirement to participate in the promotion is the use of Stardust.
    • 777 coupon is purchased prior to upgrade the item and is used immediately in the combination. If you forgot to buy a Coupon and the item has already been broken, the coupon will not help to fix the problem.
    • The Recovery Card works if an item was accidentally sold to an NPC or dropped on the floor with the condition that it wasn’t picked up by any other players. Therefore, broken items cannot be recovered in any way.
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