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In-game Shop Update: Valentine's Day

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Rusitica, Feb 7, 2022.

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    Event Duration: 09.02 - 16.02

    There is a new Cupid's Box in the Game Store. It costs only €0,99. You can get:
    With a certain chance, there may be special items in the box:
    Cupid's Wings Converter
    When combined with the Hero, it allows you to transform lvl 40 (Anti-Critical), lvl 50 (Anti-Critical) or Gold Jetpack into Cupid's Wings.
    Gives the following bonuses: cannot be broken when upgraded up to +4, adds +5 to the Anti-Crit parameter. For the period of the event, it is transferable and grants additional bonus characteristics: + 20% HP.

    Cupid's Pack


    Includes the Cupid's Sword Conversor.

    Allows you to acquire the Cupid's Sword (untradable) from the Hero. Boosts movement speed and HP.
    Standart boost: x1.7 movement speed and +15% HP. For the period of the event boost is increased: x2 movement speed and +20% HP.



    The Cupid's Box can be acquired in the Cash Shop of the game. The Kits can be found in the Launcher.
    Don't forget to leave some extra space in the inventory before buying items.

    Good Luck!
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