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Sword, magic and love [Poetry contest]

Discussion in '2021' started by Yumi, Feb 14, 2022.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

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    On February 14, in the world of Elmoreden, as in many countries of our world, St. Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day is celebrated. On this atmospheric holiday, we give you the opportunity to express yourself and share some warmth in the form of poetry art with the Lineage project and its inhabitants. The poetry contest is open!


    ♦ Applications are accepted from February 14th to February 17th inclusive;
    ♦ One participant can upload only one application;
    ♦ To participate in the contest, you must publish a poem created by you (please note that this is a rhymed work, not a "blank verse") on the theme of love for any of the races in the world of Lineage, for example, "Ode about love to a dwarf";
    ♦ Poems from 4 to 20 lines in length are accepted for participation;
    ♦ Add your nickname and indicate the server in the same post;
    ♦ The work must be created especially for this contest and wasn't previously published elsewhere;
    ♦ Your work must not break the rules of the game, the forum, and the current legislature of Luxembourg. Official contest rules can be found here: https://eu-new.4game.com/legal/4game/4/;
    ♦ You agree with the fact that Administration has the right to use works, you presented, in marketing, advertising, and other purposes;
    ♦ The winners will be decided by Lineage2 Team. Results will be uploaded on February 18th.


    ♦ The winners are determined by the Lineage 2 team, but if you like the work, be sure to support the author with a like;
    ♦ The contest is conducted for all versions of the game: Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Essence;

    ♦ Regardless of the version, a total of 10 main winners will be selected;
    ♦ The winners will receive prizes in the form of formal wear outfit for their character in the game.

    UPD: Due to the large number of questions, we introduce some clarity. Depending on the version, the prizes will be:
    Lineage2 - [​IMG] Appearance Stone: Formal Wear;
    Lineage2 Esence - [​IMG] Formal Wear [Sealed].


    This thread is only for work submission. You can discuss the contest > HERE <

    Dear participants. We experienced the whole range of emotions: an aesthetic pleasure, a surprise from unexpected endings, and sincere laughter from ironic references and funny plot twists in your works. Based on the number of participants, we have decided to award all participants of the competition with memorable prizes.

    Our congratulations! Your prize rewards will be credited on Monday 02/21/22 to the character indicated in the contest post. For the participants who forgot to specify their characters and server: please send this data in private messages to me on the forum before 02/21/22.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2022
  2. Erfel

    Erfel User

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    A love to our destruction, Shillien

    O Shillien, my Shillien!
    Chronicles has been written for thee,
    Deine eyes worth thousands;
    Henceforth see my prayers

    I am an open wound, that bleeds day and night
    My years shall burn eyes wide open, on a plain sight
    Much sorrow i walk with, i have lost the vita
    You too lost but it is me

    Curses on me why do i love you that much
    Worthless you are for my innoncence
    You both killed me, the me within you
    I am defeated by your magnificence...

    Lineage2 Eu - Core Server: Erfel
  3. Lmhotep

    Lmhotep User

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    Orcs my orcs, class very powerfull
    But you my Domi are not that cool
    I do try as hell to be verry strong
    But thats not enough and takes so long

    Any way I love to play your ogly face
    and love when you wave your mace
    Do I try to play you again any way?
    The answer is yes, you make my day.

    Do this love is enough strong?
    Or could I be so wrong?
    Only time the answer can give
    The only what have left is to belive

    Do you need your four star book?
    Or enough if you will a good look
    I will get for you formal wear
    At least I will try, I swear

    Author: Lmhotep
    Game: Lineage2 Essence
    Server: Ruby
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  4. Shadie

    Shadie User

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    My dwarf is cute and mighty
    She can kill an army fighting
    She was spoiler once they said
    Yes, she was!...Spoiling everything with no regret.

    Now is holding hammer small
    Farming easy overall
    But a formal wear is necessary
    To complete her accessoary!

    Character: mix
    Lineage2, Core
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  5. chelo

    chelo User

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    ho my white elf I remembré the day I met you,
    It was easy to fall in love with your smile that day I met you,
    I remember that you saved me from that hell that day I met you,
    white elf you knew I needed you that day I met you,
    you claimed me as an object of yours that day I met you,
    You ordered me to fulfill that day I met you,
    you exclaimed we can fight until the end that day I met you,
    we destroyed thousands of armies falling at your feet that day i met you,
    Aden will be ours, you promised that day I met you,
    I will never forget that day I met you.

    Lineage2 Eu - Core Server :AnGeluZ
  6. BjorK.L2

    BjorK.L2 User

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    The Height Of Love

    Passion is dwarf, love is orc
    Dwarves love it too
    Orcs fall in love too

    Can a dwarf love an orc?
    Can an orc fall in love with a dwarf?

    Who are we to measure love?
    Love I don't know how to measure
    But heights I think I can.

    Char: Bjork
    Game: Lineage 2 Essence EU
    Server: Ruby

    Note: I found the poetry very amusing. :Laugh:
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  7. iNastyyy

    iNastyyy User

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    Dear human..

    Oh dear human you exist!
    For classes can benefit,
    You are a great support they say,
    You help them not only with pray,

    If you decide your path along,
    To be a human support strong,
    You heal party or you tank among
    The orc’s hits which are strong.

    Without you, party’s will be so poor,
    And crying will be heard to moon,
    If you decide to play DD.
    And no more party’s UD

    No matter times, and all updates,
    You always saved all your friends,
    Oh dear human you exist,
    For classes can benefit...

    Author: StepBro
    Game: Lineage 2 EU
    Server: Core
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2022
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  8. Cryella2020

    Cryella2020 User

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    Yet an other day draws near
    But words of love i cannot hear,

    Then the night falls and sky is gloom
    My friends and I gather in the room,

    To chant of Victory and of love.
    In the room above

    She is Orc, and I am Elf
    But to this day, we must learn to love thyself

    There is no race, there is no class;
    To love them all and you shall pass

    Lineage 2 Essence - Purple
  9. Pleistoros

    Pleistoros User

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    Ode for Adena my true love

    So sweet you are, my crazy all
    End you are dear to us, to all
    I know some players, who for your eyes,
    Your smile, your sight… instant will die,

    A gentle breeze of happiness
    You spread...wherever you appear,
    You give us hope, you carry us
    When I’m with you I am complete,

    Beautiful orcs and mighy elfs
    And all the Elmoreden childs,
    Would love you, would kiss you
    Me...My only precious is you.

    Lineage 2-CORE
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  10. pwnsauce

    pwnsauce User

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    Love of Pa'agrio

    The Victory is felt
    The skills been cast
    The damage been dealt
    The enemies spread fast

    The Orc`s on the battlefield
    The power is on the sight
    The blood covers the shield
    The combat is a delight

    The damage done
    The castles burned
    The enemies gone
    The lessons learned

    Character: Overtone
    Game: Lineage 2 EU
    Server: Core
  11. DraculeMihawk

    DraculeMihawk User

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    The Legend Of The Dark Elf.
    - From the ashes and the flame
    Mighty race has been created
    Dark and might also strong
    Bring despare to enemys all

    Wars have forge them into beasts
    Frenzy and lunatics at least
    Powerfull creature from the darkness
    Really frightening trully madness

    Once you step on to there way
    No salvation no delay
    Time to run dont hessitate
    You are facing your fate

    Time to fight for your life
    Shadow creatures in the line
    Ready to devour your soul
    Sadly wispers of an owl


    Character: lDraculeMihawk
    Game : Lineage 2 EU
    Server : Core
  12. MrKain

    MrKain User

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    Ode of adoration to an Ertheia

    Oh, you’re so beautiful to sight
    With skin so fair and eyes so bright.
    You are so graceful when you fight
    Be day or night.

    Ertheia, you, my only love,
    You join the fight from up above.
    You are the damage, not the dove
    When push comes to shove.

    My adoration knows no bounds
    When you join the hunting grounds.
    Hush now. Can you hear the sounds?
    What sounds?

    Monsters are slain, the days brighter
    And here I am a simple writer
    Scribbling an ode small and lighter,
    To the mightiest fighter.

    Nickname: Nalla
    Server: Core
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