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Event: Dark Matter

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Rusitica, Mar 29, 2022.

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    Start: 30.03
    Duration: 2 weeks

    The Echo of war on the planet has reached the remote corners of the non-material world. The wall, that separates the world of entities from the real world has thinned and cracked in some places. Through these breaches, Dark matter had soaked into the real world and infected the inhabitants of the planet. The Lesser Altar Keepers have changed the most under the influence of blight.

    The number of infected is rapidly increasing. To stop the epidemic, you need to eliminate the Lesser Altar Keepers, and deliver the Dark Matter to the Caravan Merchant Leader in the Cartella Lab. You will find the infected Guardians in the Shards of the World.

    Kill the Lesser Altar Keepers and receive:

    • Dark Matter (1) - 100%
    • Gold Points +25 (1) - 25%
    • Christmas Candy (31) - 25%
    (Respawn - 5 minutes)

    Spheres can be created by the Hero of your race. One Sphere can store 5 clots of Dark matter.

    Event Items:


    Dark Matter

    A clot of dark matter from the non-material world. The purpose is unknown. It is highly recommended to avoid direct contact with the substance.
    Can only be contained within a Sphere.


    Dark Matter Sphere

    Dark matter gathered into a sphere. Even behind a layer of glass it looks dangerous. Must be delivered to the Caravan Merchant Leader at Cartella Lab. Can be acquired through daily quests or by combining Dark Matter.

    Complete the mission and receive:


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