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Exclusive offer on account top up on demand

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by 4game team, May 17, 2022.

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    Exclusive offer on account top up on demand (delivery via support request) as of May 18, 2022

    Dear Users, Innova provides you with an option to top up any of your account in two steps: top up your account in Euro and send a request (ticket) via support stipulating the territory of usage and ID number of the account you want the amount to be transferred to.

    Due to donor account is EU account the On-demand-top-up terms in English are applicable to the relations considering the transaction and chargeback. After the transaction is done the user shall behave under the legal documents of the relevant 4game service segment.

    All you need is to:
    i) have 5000 EUR on your account
    ii) create a support ticket (request) demanding top up of another account for that whole sum (not less) and insert data of the recipient account

    By creating the request you are expressing your consent for the transaction under the clauses that are stipulated in Annex 1.
    By using the moneys from the recipient account you and/or your friend are aware about being treated under clauses stipulated in Annex 1.

    The offer is valid until it is expressly published with the UPD notice that it is cancelled. Innova is free to cancel the offer any time.

    to the Exclusive offer on account top up on demand (delivery via support request) May 18, 2022
    On-demand-top-up terms

    The User may top up any 4game account from it’s account (further referred as «Donor account») any other account (further referred as the «Recipient account) via the process that is called On-demand-top-up. That is a legal construction based on gift certificates nature that provides the User with the opportunity to top up any account on demand via support by stipulating the ID of the Recipient account in the support ticket.

    On-demand-top-up is a process of digital representation of value in its nature and is not a security (or security in electronic form), currency or monetary token, bank account, deposit or other financial product.

    The interface of 4game Service, its content, displayed currency on Individual Account, where the balance of each is displayed separately, changes depending on the displayed language, the party operated of the relevant segment of 4game Service and the territorial application of the legal documents available at such segment of 4game Service.

    In order to top up 4game account related to relevant segment of 4game Service through the use of On-demand-op-up the User shall be registered on that relevant segment of 4game Service in accordance with the legal documents available and targeted to particular segment of 4game Service.

    The User may demand exclusively being logged into the Individual Account on 4game Service. Within no more than 24 hours from the moment the funds are debited topping up shall be performed resulting in reflection of the relevant amount on the Recipient account. In the event the request is made on weekend or holiday, the topping up will be performed on the first business day. The User may cancel the transaction until it is performed. Performance if fulfilled after 1 hour after the ticket is placed in support. Only the User who initiated the transfer (the Donor account owner) can request for a refund. The refund is made at the Individual Account or to the same payment method that the topping up was made.

    After the transfer is performed no cancellation takes place. The obligation to credit funds in order to replenish Individual Account is performed by the legal entity operating particular segment of 4game Service on the territory of the Recipient account.

    Only the payment methods listed on 4game Service at the moment of accessibility of On-demand-top-up option are applicable.

    After topping up the nominal value is credited to the Recipient Individual Account. Funds will be transferred to the relevant currency.

    If the currency of Donor account differs from the Recipient’s account the account will be topped in the currency of the last one. The exchange rate of Yahoo for the replenishment currency, officially established and published on the last day preceding the transaction day (and if there is no rate on such day, then on the last day on which such rate was set).

    It is only allowed to use On-demand-top-up as i) gratuitous transfer (donation), ii) for yourself.

    Funds replenished to Individual Account cannot be transferred to other accounts or withdrawn from the account (transferred to a bank account). The funds replenished to the Individual Account will be linked to this account.

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