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Purple & Ruby Merge

Discussion in 'News' started by DIL, Sep 21, 2022.

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  1. DIL

    DIL Innova QA Innova Group

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    On October 5, the existing two worlds Purple and Ruby will merge into one. The new server’s name is going to be Maroon. This warm and cozy color gives us the idea of roasted chestnuts, autumn leaves and… lots of adventures that await you in the new world! The details of the merge are listed below.

    Main conditions

    ◊ Upon merge, the following characters are not transferred:
    • level 19 and below;
    • or being deleted at the moment.
    ◊ The maximum capacity within one server for an account is 7 characters. Therefore, if you have characters on both servers at once, and there are more than 7 of them in total, then see the following point;
    ◊ Upon merge, the characters with the highest amount of EXP are saved on the account, then priority is given to the creation date. To transfer the desired characters, remove unnecessary ones in advance;
    ◊ If there is a clan leader character on the account, then it is transferred despite the amount of EXP and replace the lowest-level character (not a CL), and with the same EXP — the one that was created late;
    ◊ Check the number of your characters, their lvl, status, and pay attention to their equipment/items in advance to protect yourself from unexpected losses (e.g. low-level Dwarf warehouse characters). Transfer all valuable items from low-level characters to high-level characters.


    ◊ All character's names will remain;
    ◊ If the nicknames are the same, the characters will be renamed. A character with less EXP gets a prefix to the nickname in the form of numbers: Name_00 (63 for Purple, 67 for Ruby);
    ◊ The characters with a prefix will have the possibility to choose a new name the first time they enter the game after the merge. Until name-change is not done you will not be able to enter the game by this character;
    ◊ Things that will remain after merge:

    • level;
    • current stats CP, MP, HP, SP, EXP, DP (for DK);
    • elixirs;
    • PVP/PK counter, karma (negative reputation);
    • all existing active and passive skills, including the skill levels;
    • attributes and spirit levels/evolution stages;
    • common (random) craft progress bar;
    • collections;
    • patterns and Hidden Power;
    • challenge points;
    • mission points;
    • Purge progress and unused keys;
    • Achievement Box progress and current slots opening;
    • Sayha's Grace energy.


    ◊ All items from the character's inventory are transferred to the new server, including equipped items and quest items;
    ◊ All items from the warehouse and items stored by the Game Assistant will remain;
    ◊ Mail and shipments will remain, except for items that were sent to characters that do not meet the conditions;
    ◊ Items registered at the World Trade system (dimensional auction) will remain.


    ◊ Clans will be transferred to the new server;
    ◊ The clan name will remain. In case of the same names, clans receive a prefix to the name in the form of numbers. The name with the prefix can be changed by the clan leader by contacting one of the High Priests in the Einhasad's temples. Check the dialog option "Change the clan name";
    ° What will remain: the list of clan members, clan skills, clan level and reputation, privileges, divisions and roles in the clan, a penalty for accepting new clan members, all items in the clan vault;
    ◊ Clan Arena progress will remain;
    ◊ What will NOT remain: clan/alliance emblem, daily progress of clan missions (reset to zero), hostile clans (reset to zero);
    ◊ The owners of Giran and Godard's castles lose their owner until the next siege.


    ◊ We will inform you about the clarified criteria of merging Olympiad statistics later.

    Due to the server merge, the transfer between worlds will be temporarily disabled on September 28. We recommend moving to the server you wish in advance. An additional announcement will be made about the resumption of the service.
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  2. DIL

    DIL Innova QA Innova Group

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    Dear players!
    We would like to inform you that the server merge scheduled for tomorrow is postponed to a later date. We will inform you about the exact date later. The testing team conducted additional checks of the server merge script and identified a number of issues that require correction by developers. We have already passed information about the problems to our NCSOFT partners and are expecting a new corrected version of the merge script soon. We understand that this news could make significant adjustments to your plans, but we are forced to take this step in order to avoid critical errors and undesirable consequences on the Live server after the merge procedure. We hope for your understanding.

    In addition:
    In this regard, the transfer service will be available again starting tomorrow. Today you can already apply for the character transfer in the 4game launcher, and tomorrow, during the maintenance, your character will be moved according to your application.
    The delayed server merge will not affect the release date of the Crusader update in any way. The update is still coming the day we've mentioned before — on October 19.
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