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Maintenance on November 23

Discussion in 'Maintenance Notifications' started by Yumi, Nov 22, 2022 at 7:43 PM.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

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    Dear players, the weekly maintenance will start on Wednesday, November 23, at 10:00 UTC +3. The expected duration is 3 hours. The time is approximate and may be changed.

    We kindly ask you to avoid shopping in the 4Game Store during maintenance work. This may result in a failure to deliver items to the game.

    Events & Offers:
    • The event "Secret Store" starts (until December 7);
    • The offer "Einhasad's Relic" starts (until December 7);
    • The event "Sanctuary of the Dawn" continues (until December 14);
    • The offer "Pack of Seals" continues (until December 21);
    • The offer "Four of the Bag" continues (until November 30);
    • The offer "Coupon-mania" continues (until November 30);
    • The Prestige Pack within the offer "Gifts of the Crusaders" ends (until November 23).
    • The characteristics of some monsters in the Tower of Insolence have changed:
      • Resistance to physical damage reduced;
      • Slightly increased Max HP;
      • Slightly increased attacking stats;
      • Slightly increased resistance to vampirism;
      • Some monsters are no longer aggressive;
      • Increased SP received for killing some monsters.
    • Bold text in the game settings changed to normal: now the text fits in the buttons properly.
    • The Prestige Pack removal has been postponed to November 30.
    • New boss weapons have been added to L-Coin Store, they are available for Ancient Adena.
    Additional Features:
    • There will be a weekly transfer of characters between servers (Peri ⇄ Dewberry only).
  2. DIL

    DIL Innova QA Innova Group

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    Maintenance is over. New event awaits.
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