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Focused force skills

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by kalibre, Dec 9, 2011.

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  1. kalibre

    kalibre User

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    i havent played l2 for a while and i recently discovered this:

    in previous chronicles skills consumed focused force and made more damage regarding the number of charges u had.

    for example, hurricane needed 2 charges to use it, but if u used it with 7 charges it dealt more dmg and still consumed 2 charges.

    with the new system, u can use skills without having charges, but u deal more dmg up to the number of charges the skill consume.

    for example, u can use hurricane with no charges, but if u use it with 2 charges, it will deal more dmg and consume that 2 charges, but now, if u use hurricane with 7 charges it deals exactly the same dmg as if u use it having 2 charges.

    do u think this is a big nerf to glad/tyrant? now ours skills will deal ****ty damage at high levels? it will be nice if someone tested gladi/tyrant damage in higher levels at beta.
  2. Eska

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    due to no interest in this thread i'm moving it to archive.
    you can find there all moved and closed threads.
    if thread was moved there, and it shouldn't be closed yet, please pm me to move it back to the branch.

    best regards,
    piotr 'eska' kostro
Thread Status:
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