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Huge Lag / DC, only in the mornings

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by Farfocel, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. Farfocel

    Farfocel User

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    good morning innova staff and community!

    my first post - and unfortunately one about an issue...

    so here it goes - since sunday (i have been playing in obt and live since the server start, no issues then) i am experiencing huge lags (10-40 sec) which are a cause of quick (after 2- 10 minutes) dc from the server. mind you the strange part - they are present only in the morning hours (gmt+1, when the server is mostly "light")... i can play without any problems afternoon/evening.

    couple of things to note:



    - like i said earlier , it was working fine till sunday
    - my isp does not block / filter any traffic
    - i can play w/o any issues on ncsoft server at the time of lag
    - i can play any other online game w/o any problems at the time of lag
    - my antyvirus/ firewall are shut down (f-secure)
    - i have tried on another pc at home , (laptop different specs, software) same issues

    so taking all those things into consideration - is there anyone here who could be of any assistance? i have read all the other topics, none of the "workaround/fixes" worked for me. is there something else i can try? am i missing something?

    any help or assistance would be welcome. as i was certain that i will buy pa and continue playing here - i am not so sure now :( , even considering the bugs we all experience, this one amongst all (being not able to play when i choose to) is the most irritating one.

    please help - and thank you in advance!

  2. Eska

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    good day,

    you can see actual solutions and issues' statuses here.
    additional instructions could be found here.
    if you can't find a solution for your issue you always can ask for moving the thread back into the main branch.

    best regards,
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