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Announced Localization Errors

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by Triada, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. Triada

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    dear gamers! we’ve decided to create this thread so that you could post here any errors concerning localization.
    make sure to check the list of announced errors before you post a new one and to read recommendations about creating reports.

    we will keep you updated, so stay tuned

    here is the list of announced errors:

    1. oralce instead of oracle in a dialogue with ncp esrandell

    2. vatia instead of bathis in a dialogue with ncp shunine

    3. bukuorc instead of vuku orc in a dialogue with ncp vent

    4. sword of balhala instead of sword of valhalla in item name (quest: pailaka - song of ice and fire) report sent to ncsoft

    5. raikel instead of richard in a dialogue with ncp devon

    6. shunain instead of shunine in quest window (quest: complete the investigation)

    7. shunein instead of shunine in quest window (quest: find captain bathis)

    8. husk krapher instead of husk warper in quest window (quest: obligations of the seeker)

    9. himan instead of aymen (quest: going into a real war, lets go to the underground training fields)

    10. raina instead of reanee, npc for subclass changes on talking island

    11. dep instead of def in a dialogue with npc def report sent to ncsoft

    12. silvan instead of silburn in quest window (quest: sakum’s impact)

    13. relaxing sonata buff description

    14. uncompleted description in quest window (quest: arrow of vengeance)

    15. bound wizard's tear conversion <soul crystal enhancement> wrong descriprion: increases max hp by 60% and decreases max hp by 40%

    16. weaon instead of weapon in item name dual weaon crafting stamp (r-grade), (r95-grade), (r99-grade)

    17. skill fatal counter. the power of the attack increases as the enemy's hp decreases

    18. melia instead of milia in a dialogue with ncp kakai the lord if flame

    19. adventurer helper instead of adventurer guide report sent to ncsoft

    20. price error. teleport to cemetery from aden.

    21. nazel instead of nagel. (quest: request of the seeker)

    22. grand master rivian instead of grand magister rivian (quest: start of fate)

    23. larcis instead of lakcis (quest: start of fate)

    24. grand master libian instead of grand master rivian (last stage of quest: start of fate)

    25. pa'agrio lord kakai instead of flame lord kakai (quest: tough road)

    26. bent instead of vent (quest: disappeared sakum)

    27. error in name of reward for rim kamaloka. pathfinder's reward (c-grade) mentioned two times

    28. ".... has casted buffs on..." instead of "... has cast buffs on..." in screen message of npc adventurers' guide

    thank you all for being so active and attentive! :cool:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.