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Disconnects and their most popular reasons

Discussion in 'Instructions Archive' started by TGM_darken09, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. zzZzz

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    try to change your dns...
  2. Dorthe

    Dorthe User

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    no, pa will not solve the problem.
    i have pa and same problems as you.
    no problems with any other sites, only with innova. even loading the login page takes forever and it often loads wrong because of the lost packets.
    loading this forum page also takes a very long time.
    the problem is innova's isp. their connection is ok to some countries/ipss and extremely bad to other countries/isps.
    i never had lag with this game until something like 3 weeks ago. i have 20 mbps connection. can innova try to investigate what has their isp changed? form the dual window, it seems that the packets from me to the server have no problem, but many packets get lost on the way from the server to me. i can see one character making the selected actions on other character's screen although its own screen is frozen. sometimes it can catch up and sometimes it just disconnects.
    lag spikes up to 30 seconds. disconnects every 2-10 minutes.
    pvp impossible
    pve very difficult

    innova, if you don't solve this problem soon, i am afraid that you would lose yet another (paying) customer. your isp is killing your business!
  3. Hidrica

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    since 20 mins ago i'm having dc every fuking 2 mins its enter and dc every time... what's wrong? my isp its movistar (spain) 10mb/s and i never had problems till now my internet conection works perfect and my pc too