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Kasma Rehberi :D

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by kazahel, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. kazahel

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    lineage2 nin orjinal forumundan bir link paylaşıyorum:


    [guide] god detailed lvling guide
    this is a detailed guide on how to lvl up in god. i know that there is a few more guides out there but i've decided to post a more detailed guide for those who want super detail.
    here it goes:

    -> level 1-20

    nothing much to say about this. you just need to do the quests. more detail on how to do this quests here.
    all the quests start where the previous quest ended, so it should be easy to keep track of things.

    the list of the quests is here:
    1. let's go to the central square (pantheon in talking island village)
    2. qualifications of the seeker (theodore in talking island village)
    3. searching for the mysterious power (shannon in talking island village)
    4. going into a real war, let's go to the training ground! (evain in talking island village)
    5. finding magister gallint (shannon in talking island village)
    6. searching for new power (gallint in talking island village)
    7. respect your elders! (gallint in talking island village)
    8. intruder who wants the book of giants (pantheon in talking island village)
    9. request of sealed evil fragments (pantheon in talking island village)
    10. backup seekers (your race master in talking island village)
    11. to the ye sagira ruins (atran on talking island)
    12. roles of the seeker (lakcis outside the ye sagira ruins)
    13. certification of the seeker (chesha in the ye sagira ruins)
    14. request of the seeker (nagel in the ye sagira ruins)
    15. obligations of the seeker (celin in the ye sagira ruins)
    16. seeker escort (dep in the ye sagira ruins)
    17. ruins status update (sebion in the ye sagira ruins)

    after all this quests you should be lvl 18. it's now time for your 1st class transfer quest:
    18. start of fate (your race master in talking island village)

    you can find some details on the quest here.

    with the completion of the first class transfer you will be awarded with some proof of courages. with them buy a d set needed by your class and some d grade jewels. you will be awarded with a top d grade sword in a few lvls. if a sword is not usable to your class use some proofs of courage in a d weapon. after that spend the rest of the proofs in soulshots or blessed spiritshots.
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    -> level 21-40

    after you finish the first transfer quest is time to move out of ti. but before you do that you should start the next quest:
    19. tough road (your race master in talking island village)

    after that you go to gludio. there you will start a new set of quests:
    20. disappeared sakum (captain bathis in gludio)
    21. reporting the status of windmill hill (guard schunain on windmill hill)
    22. request to find sakum (captain bathis in gludio)
    23. divided sakum: kanilov (guard zenath in the ruins of agony)
    24. sakum's impact (adventurer guildsman in gludio)
    25. divided sakum: poslof (guard lef in the ruins of despair) note: you may need to lvl up a bit before do this quest. you will need to be lvl 33.
    26. sakum's trace (adventurer guildsman in gludio)
    27. monster uprising (guard fred in the wastelands) note: you can start this quest when you enter the wasteland in the previous quest. do both quests while you there.

    after this last two quests you should be in lvl 37. you need one more lvl to start the second transfer quest. if you didn't do any kamalokas yet you can do a lvl 36 kamaloka. if you did you can do a lvl 39 kamaloka. get a party and go do one. if you prefer, go to wasteland and complete your level there. when you get to lvl 38 its time to do the second transfer quest:

    28. certification of fate (your race master in the town of gludio)

    you will receive some proof of justice. use it only in soulshots or blessed spiritshots. the reason why you should do it is in the next section.
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  2. kazahel

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    -> level 41-52

    now is time to introduce you to the path to awakening.
    every time you get to a certain lvl you will be able to claim some bonus items in this website.
    you will be able to claim this bonus at lvl 1, 20, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70 and 75. this means you wont need to buy any kind of equipment till s grade.
    so, claim the lvl 1, 20 and 40 bonus and withdraw them from the dimensional merchant npc.

    edit: for those who are in a clan academy and have a sponsor it's time for a quest:

    xx. follow me (isael silvershadow in hunters village)

    you and your sponsor will have to do this quest. it will give your clan clan reputation, it will give your sponsor fame and it will give you xp and the academy circlet.

    time to continue some quests:

    29. how to stand up for yourself (your race master in gludio)

    this quest sends you to ivory tower. if you following the lineage 2 patch notes form the official website you will notice that the quest description is wrong. it's not in cruma, it's in ivory tower.
    after the conclusion of this quest it's time to choose what to do next:

    - heine: kamalokas (lvl 43, 46 and 49) they are a good source of xp/sp and you will be able to start a cruma quest that will give you a nice reward too.
    - dion: cruma tower - there's a daily quest at the entrance. very easy and with a good reward so if you can you should do it.

    my advise is to go to heine and start mutated kaneus. do lvl 43 kamaloka. (try to do the lvl 46 in the next day to finish the mutated kaneus quest) after you defeated the rb form kamaloka a new npc will appear. (rieyi) talk to her to start the quest:

    30. legacy of cruma tower (rieyi inside the levels 43, 46, 49, and 53 kamalokas)
    31. another legacy of cruma tower (rieyi inside the levels 43, 46, 49, and 53 kamalokas)

    this is a quest that most of ppl have a lot of problems to finish. basically you need to gather a party and be the first to talk to the quest npc after he appears. the first leader to do so will get his party teleported to the top of cruma to fight the rb mertes. kill it (don't let the minions heal him, kill them when they appear) and finish the quest at the entrance. i recommend doing it only once or twice, depending on how long you take to lvl. (in late lvls you will loose precious time doing this quest for a smaller xp % reward)
    don't forget to start the next quest when you enter cruma:

    32. shadow helper (ridenbag in cruma tower)

    this quest is a daily quest so do it as much as you can. (while farming in cruma)

    and till lvl 49 this is all the quests there is.
    there are a few zones that you can take till lvl 49. here's a few:
    - cruma tower: it's probably the best place to xp in this range of levels. for the cruma lvl 2 you will need to use the teleporters that are at the exit of the new elevator of cruma. (unfortunately this zone looks to be a bit bugged so some of the npcs could stop working or disappear to unknown places. the teleporters are one of this cases.)
    - ivory tower: interesting zone but only good for the first lvls. i would recommend using cruma.
    - cemitery: for ppl that need undead mobs to kill this is a perfect solution. not as good as cruma but healers could lvl up here faster.
    - enchanted valley/forrest of mirrors: a good alternity if you find cruma too populated.

    when you get to lvl 49 it's time to go to gludin and start the pailaka quest:

    33. pailaka – song of ice and fire (inspector adler in gludin town)

    it's the same old quest, but with different levels.
    next, when you're at level 50 its time for the next quest:

    34. berserk outlaws (adventurer guide in any town)

    basically you need to hunt in outlaw forest till you get the items asked.
    after this, if you don't have the level 52 yet, just start the mutated kaneus in oren and do the lvl 53 kamaloka.
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    -> level 53-61

    get what you have in the dimensional merchant. equip your new b grade set and weapon.
    first thing to do is a kamaloka lvl 56. why? because with it you will get the chance of doing a toi quest that has a really nice reward.

    35. certification of value (rieyi inside the levels 56, 63, 66, and 73 kamalokas)
    36. recertification of value (rieyi inside the levels 56, 63, 66, and 73 kamalokas)

    remember to this daily. if you gather all the tokens you will get a really cool ring.
    the next quest is probably for those who have a good clan as backup, if not you only be able to do in late lvls. (60+)

    37. intended tactic (ende in the tower of insolence)

    i can't talk much about it (i making this without a clan, so i didn't finish this one yet) but if you finish this one you will get some extra tokens. i'm not sure how many but at least one you will get. that means you will be able to get the ring in half of the time so it's an important one for those who can do it.
    after all this, if you're not at level 55 go level in one of this places:
    - tower of insolence: let's face it, this is one of the most important locations in you're leveling. could be tricky to level here alone so, if you can't do it solo try to get a party. level 1-3 is a good place for b grade.
    - forsaken plains: a good place for solo hunting.

    if you got to level 55 it's time for another quest:

    38. not to be forgotten (adventurer guide in any town)

    it's an easy quest, just hunt in forsaken plains till you finish the quest.

    next quest to do is at level 60 so choose your place and go level! don't forget to do the daily quests (and the kamalokas too, since they are the way to start at least one of this quests)
    before going to the level 60 quests let me remeber that if you got a really good party you can try to do zaken day light instance. (never tried...)

    so, getting to level 60 will get you a few quests to do:

    39a. the oppressor and the oppressed (adventurer guide in any town)
    39b. divinity protector (adventurer guide in any town)
    39c. waiting for the summer (adventurer guide in any town)

    i can't confirm anything for this quests (didn't get that far) but from what i've read the server will choose one or two of this quests to do for you. (if anyone could confirm this please reply to this post)
    if anyone have any new hunting spot or a quest that you feel could be here please feel free to reply it.

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    eline sağlık burncycle :d
  3. kazahel

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    -> level 62-75

    you should be already using the a equipment but if you still didn't get it it's time to get it.
    till level 64 you should be doing the quests i talked in the previous posts. they will give you adena and some xp so keep doing it. the quests from the kamaloka npc give a good reward so start them if you need to.
    at level 62 you have a new quest to do:

    40. pailaka – devil's legacy (devil's isle survivor in giran town)

    if you follow the link you will get the guide for the quest.

    till level 65 that's it when it comes to quests. so till level 65 you should try the next zones to level:
    - valley of saints: good and easy place to xp.
    - blazing swamp: an alternative to the other places.
    - tower of insolence: better suited if you have a party with you. level 6-9 are good places for you.
    - swamp of screams: easy kills so good place for some to xp.

    at level 65 there is a new set of quests:

    41. mysterious letter (adventurer guide in any town)

    it's an easy quest that you can do one time. (and not daily as the patch notes say)

    then you have 2 daily quests (that you can do only one of them per day) available:

    42a. for the sacrificed (adventurer guide in any town)
    42b. plain mission (adventurer guide in any town)

    they are doable till level 69 so don't forget to start them every day.

    at level 70 you will get new quests. first one is for your clan. grab your sponsor and do:

    xx. come to me (head blacksmith ferris in the town of aden)

    it will give fame to your sponsor, crp to your clan and xp/sp and a new ring to you.
    next you will have new daily quests:

    43a. awakened (adventurer guide in any town)
    43b. be well (adventurer guide in any town)
    43c. hot spring water (adventurer guide in any town)

    from what i understand you can do 2 of the 3 quests per day.

    at level 73 there's a new pailaka you can go:

    44. pailaka – injured dragon (ketra orc shaman outside goddard town)

    (to be continued...)
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    gà¼zel bir çalışma bir de tà¼rkçe si olsa
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    serdar abi tà¼rkçeye çevir bari :)
  6. kazahel

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    74 olduk simdi nabacaz nerede questler haha :d
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