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Dear Virtual Santa

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Fabien06800, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. Fabien06800

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    dear santa,

    i write you this letter from the bottom of frozen sitting on a icy's rock with my small frozen hand and a piece of paper (paper i found on talking island from a avian who still it to someone else, one day i will be happy to understand why that bird pass all the times eating paper but it's another story).

    i know that frozen labyrinth is a place with a lot of people running around and disturbing you making your job.

    yesterday i saw your house but noone pay really attention and they were running around jumping on yeti (maybe to protect you, i don't know).

    by the way, before writing this letter i have a lot of questions to be sure that i'm going to have my present as i haven't seen any related information on santa claus on the god guide.

    1 - how are you going to deliver present as i haven't saw any chimney on most of the town ? it's really funny to see noone saw this thing ! i want to be sure to be at the right place at the right moment to have my present and don't have 2000 peoples near the gatekeeper all day trying to find where is the "chimney's teleport".

    2 - do you really see us when we're sleeping, do you really know when we're awake, like in the song? because now that some people can "awake of class", i'm not sure you are going to succed to see someone awaken and sleeping at the same time, maybe a friend, innova, can tell you how to see someone awake sleeping ?

    3 - what do you do the other 364 days of the year? are you busy making items? can we just visit you to have special prize on spirit shot during your not busy day ?

    4 - is it possible to ask the dark elves to help you go faster ? i love how you and your elves can work together so well to get all the presents done by christmas but with dark elves, christmas can be more than one per year.

    by the way, i'm not going to tell you that i have been a good boy all year, and the only thing i ask for is peace and no pk in the world for everybody because you are going to tell me that i'm a stupid noob and i'm not going to tell you that i want my mommy and daddy to get back together because i'm sure you are going to reply me that my dad's ****ing the babysitter and you are going, again, to give me a "treasure box grade d" and ask me to create a family clan with it (i'm on grade a by the way, is there a relation with my school note always at d ?).

    i just want this !!!!

    - i want to be able to grow with the other (but not too fast because i don't know because btw)
    - i also want to see less people trying to find "santa's teleport" always near the gatekeeper.
    - i want more chairs near every town wall, i'm fed up seeing people sitting everywhere in town because they have no chair !!!
    - i want a lift elevator on tower of insolence, i'm really fed up to see the big fat guy selling me part of his rubik's cube each day
    - please please !!! give two swords of the people who sing song and dance, i was supposing they only need microphone but it seems the sound is better with dual sword (wtf)
    - can we also have a "christmas teddy agathion" who say at everyone, each second : "ks is bad you know, thing about starving people" ?
    - i also want toilet on every town, everyone cry "i want pee aaaaaaa !!!"
    - please give us shampoo for our pet to be less smelled around map (especially wolf, buffalo, damn it how fast they can die).

    thanks santa

    ps : be sweet with angry people, they are just waiting their presents it's normal, don't judge them before giving them smaller toys.
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