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My Dear Santa

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by DarkHunter, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. DarkHunter

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    dear santa

    as you already know,goddess of destruction made us some hard time, many places half destroyed, lack of adena and other things that are needed for us to survive.
    i'm very happy to inform you that i've been very good these days (months), i havent killed anyone(i don't have pk), had successful pvp battles, and tons of duels that i won honorably.but, days are going and its hard to keep up with stronger players as they are higher level.
    if im asking what should be better, i would fix this annoying buggs, such as buggs with many npc's specialy in cruma :(

    please understand me cuz im worried about server stability.i wish i can have necklaces, dont know what kind of them, i just want them, they are so beautiful and powerful, and thats why i wish them soo much.! that is the only thing i want (it's not much :eek: )
    please santa, give my wishes life :)

    • character name: darkhunter
    • character class: tyrant
    • character level: 56
  2. Filaliev

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