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Dear Santa..

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Alexj_89, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Alexj_89

    Alexj_89 User

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    dear santa ... hi! im a little kid, from talking island, i live in 774,evergreen terrace... im only 23 years old, and everybody told me " santa doesnt exist! grow up, u are a gladiator now, go kill some mob with ur dual c grade!" but i know that it'snt true! i know u watch me from above, lookin if i'll be a good or a bad boy... and i know u wanna gift to me that cool dual keshanberk-keshanberk +4,or even that dual tallum/dark legion!
    i'll alwais be a good boy if u do that to me, cause my parents dad innova and mom ncwest dont want to buy them to me!!!! im hoping to not asking to much to you
    oh, and i make some cookies to you ( u know, im from dark side.... :ae:), they are near my bed!

    with love

    name : abbadon
    class : gladiator
    level : 68
  2. Filaliev

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