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Letter to Santa

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by MooCow, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. MooCow

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    dear santa,
    let me start by pointing out that im an atheist, which is why its really hard for me being a paladin, a holy knight and all.
    second, my dad called me moocow! im the laughing stock among my brothers in arms and pretty much everyone i know.
    my wife got eaten by my pet strider... *sigh* i guess bringing home a pet dragon wasnt a good idea after all...
    im in my mid-life crisis, thats why i bought a chopper (photo included), my lovely country of aden is dominated by mages, which makes me a waste of space in hunting groups that doesnt involve in elite monsters and demons so money income was pretty tight this month.
    i just think that, maybe its not worth all the trouble you know?
    maybe i should have picked a better class... you have no idea whats it like getting hit by scary fire breathing, undead hellish creatures who want to rip my heart out monsters 5 times stronger than me, sure i got a shield, but that lil piece of wood is no good at all,
    the worst part about it, is if i die, my group would bring me back from the dead just to taunt me and call me a noob. i just wanna kill em all sometimes.

    so dear santa, i know this letter is going to get lost somewhere in the postal office, or that annoying lady at the front desk will read it out loud laughing at me with all the other postal workers but know that
    i dont want anything for christmas this year, i just want that who ever reads this letter, will have a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    yours truely, moocow.

    (moocow, paladin, level 58)
  2. Fahrenheit

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