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[Guide] Kamaloka and Laba for noobs

Discussion in 'Guides' started by omigad, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. omigad

    omigad User

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    first of what is difference between kamaloka and laba:

    1) kamaloka is best for 4 to 6-man instance (but can be less ppl or full 7 ppl party). the number of people you take share experience for boss you have to kill inside.
    kamaloka is available at levels x3 and x6 ie. 23,26,33,36,43,46 etc.

    2) laba is shortened version of full name labirynth of abyss and its best for full party instance. its harder and much longer than kamaloka.
    laba is available at levels x9 ie. 29,39,49,59,69,79

    kamaloka and laba are availabe only once per day and you can check your cooldown by type /instancezone in chat.
    everyday you can enter one kamaloka (of 2 available) and one laba ie. kamaloka 36 and laba 39
    which means laba and kamaloka share individual cooldown but all kamalokas have shared cooldown and you are unable to enter two kamalokas a day.

    kama how to:
    sometimes you dont need even true tank or healer to finish it, depends of kamaloka - there are many kinds of bosses, some of them just use aoe (area of effect) skills and all you can do is avoid it by step back few meters. in other you have to kill adds (boss minnions) as soon as possible to block them from healing their boss. in other adds are immortal and just move away boss from them because they may explode or give him benefits. and last type of minnions attacking random members of your group on boss command and all you need to do is run around with them or take summoner to your group to use betray skill on which causes them to attack their boss.

    laba how to:
    here comes troubles, there are few best setups to finish it without problems but you need to remember bassic rules:

    1) first and second room mob groups have their master inside called "mother", its randomly located between them. all mobs from those groups are agressive!
    2) mobs from first group will respawn forever until you kill their mother, second group dont have a mother
    3) by killing mother mobs stop respawning and last boss gets debuffs:
    - first group greatly weaking boss p.def - must kill!
    - second group greatly weaking boss m.def - no need to kill until you have mage party!
    4) dont create mixed parties!
    - take melee class only or
    - take archers class only or
    - take mages class only
    its much easier to do.

    best way to spot mother is take summoner and dagger (less required if you know how to pull) class to your party, then dagger class go lure single mob from group and when mob is close summoner cast betray on him.
    dont follow mob! just watch which one its attack and let dagger go again to lure attacked mob - it's mother

    congratulations! after you killed mother go to third room where is 1st semi-boss.

    *******third room semi-boss will give next debuff to boss which decrease its p.atk *******
    the main rule here is don't use offensive skills at him!!! because it may cause 4 things:
    - boss cast aoe cancel which removes buffs from closest party members
    - boss casts aoe high damage spell
    - boss switching targets and ignore aggro casted by tank
    - boss greatly raising its p.atk

    *******fourth room is last boss with 4 helpers: 2 healers/buffers and 2 guards*******
    start fight from killing healers while tank running around with rest, all must focus 1 target and one of you should stun second healer to block him from casting heal (1 heal = like 90% hp). after you kill healers switch quick to guards and then tank may stop running and tank.

    boss helpers will respawn as long you fight with boss. very low damage may cause respawns up to 4 times (every 25% boss hp).
    averange damage causes respawn them twice (at 50% and 15% boss hp). be prepare to kill healers as soon as possible! they heal and cast reflect buff very fast

    best setup for common melee laba:

    - tank
    - healer (bishop is best but shillen elder is not bad too if have stigma)
    - warcryer/overlord
    - swordsinger/bladedancer
    - summoner (warlock, phantom summoner, elemental summoner)
    - dagger
    - random melee dps

    1) dont ignore dwarf classes!
    they are one of the best dps because their passive skills and active skill crushing strike which decreases target p.def and def by 10%. they can easy overdps other classes:
    - bounty hunter can wear dagger + light and has much more damage then true dagger classes.
    - warsmith can help dps with his golem summon, its like players 2 in 1.

    2) no matter what weapon you have attack bosses from behind to get higher critical rate - works for all
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  2. PatriotazX

    PatriotazX User

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    id like to add that attacking from behind increases damage by 10-20% (dont remember exactly) and accuracy
  3. omigad

    omigad User

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    god, seems like nobody read that guide...
    everytime i go kama/laba, i have to teach people how to play...

    please share this on forums and give link to this topic for failzors you had met
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  4. MadeInChina

    MadeInChina User

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    omigad - true - all labas end with that some idiot does not know what betray is and what is for....

    also im glad that someone told ppl that dwarfs are real power, and has usefull buffs, i guess tank +wc + ee/se + warsmiths will kill all labas in no time.

    ps. i play as an summoner and a warsmith - so i know what pain it is.
  5. dimvision

    dimvision User

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    second group doesn't have a mother. mobs don't respawn. you just have to kill all to get gloom on last boss.
  6. skl4r

    skl4r User

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    great guide.
    thanks ^^
  7. Bungee

    Bungee User

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  8. BlindFaith

    BlindFaith User

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    if you have hex in pt you dont need kill first room( for dd's), if you have gloom you dont need kill second room ( for mages ), if you have cool tank and healer dont need to kill 3rd room... when i was ~79 i made archer pt: wc,ee,wl,sws, arbalester,pr,pr.
    we not killed 1st,2nd,3rd room. we just came boss room. sws just agro/slow and run circles and archers just do rt+hex and hits rb and only healers minions... and realy that was the fastest way to do it...