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Dear Santa

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by AcXoN, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. AcXoN

    AcXoN User

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    dear santa:
    i am very happy because christmas is the time where piles show what you are. i congratulate you for the toy manufacturing industry that you have at the north pole, surely you must have good royalties (although it is unclear and because no one pays for that product ... or is money laundering?).
    i mean, i admire your great beard, i hope someday to have it this long (those who know me know me ... and i'm leaving i'm letting grow the belly). i hope your transportation, good reindeer, are well and have lots of energy for the big trip of 24 (give them good food to have or else give them strength ... red bull).
    the purpose of my letter is more than hello. i mean i've been a good boy (you can check your database) and therefore deserve to indulge me with a list of toys. i will be modest because the situation is hard (and because you are somewhat stingy). here goes:
    i want to be free of the pk in vos, that i caught a lv 85+ clan war (that even i could also be lv 85), have peace and love and no drama (impossible, i know)
    and now the material, if you still have space in your bag for another toy, i want to ask a black mbw if possible, or a dark color. and i hate to ask, i also want a baium, zaken and qa xd!
    oh, and remember to be punctual so that i can give you milk and cookies. thank you very much for everything, greetings to mrs. claus. sincerely,

    character name : acxon
    character class: soul breaker m
    character level : 60
    server name : aria
  2. Fahrenheit

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