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Dear Santa

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Therminius, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Therminius

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    dear santa
    i writing to you this year with request, but this year i ask no for gifts for myself. i want ask you to give little present for the dearest persons in my life...

    five years ago i was found half alive on the beach near talking village by young girl with name fahrenheit. i had an amnesia and remembered nothing at all from my past only thing i had with my is hellbound royal sword. this girl has helped my without regard that i can be enemy. she brought me to her village where i met very many good people, they gave me food and place to live.
    for past five years farhen touch me many things about world around me and helped me to find new meaning in my life. from last few weeks i understood one thing i have crash on her! my heart rumble when she is near me ;)

    that is reason why i want ask you dear santa to give some special presents for all villagers of my "new home" for their kindness and good hearts and one special gift for my chosen one - fahrenheit. the gift who will be symbol of our love for eternity.

    your sincerely
    therminius, the lost knight

    therminius [dark avenger], core server
    level 73
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