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Dear Santa

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Silmari, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Silmari

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    dear santa,

    my name is medeina. i have three elder sisters so i lack of my mum's attention and have to work a lot. i will be elemental summoner when i grow up. my sisters are much older then me and they order me to do their houseworks. my oldest sister calaquendi is temple knigh (58 lvl), second sister katyte is warsmith (56 lvl) and my third sister is valaquenta (52 lvl). so i'm the youngest of all - still elven wizard (35 lvl). valaquenta has received a wolf named padfoot (dunno from where) and together with other two sisters tried to grow it. finally they decided that they are too old for that work and ordered me to grow it for them. that's why i spend my all time in abandoned places like floran village or bee hive where other travellers rarely come. my sisters told me that i must stay young as long as possible (it's better for their wolf) so i cannot do any quests just kill monsters. i'm glad that i have a helpful friend unicorn who can help me with mana. i love it very much. he's such a good friend :) i've heard that later i will be able to summon other unicorns and i can't wait for it! santa, it's very hard to level up only by killing monsters. no, i mean it's easy to kill them with my great skills and it do not take much time. but i do not get enough sp for new skills when i do not complete any quests. so maybe i should do some of them to get some sp while it's not too late i think... :)

    santa, it does not matter that i'm still young (you can think why do i write a letter and not my sisters) but i'm full of experience already and full of future plans. i've heard from my sisters how it's fun being older and i'm looking forward to grow. but now i'm doing my best to help my sisters in any job.

    hope to see you soon!

    with love,
    elven wizard (future elemental summoner)
    35 lvl
  2. Filaliev

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