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Don't know what to say.

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Heineken, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. Heineken

    Heineken User

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    well, i always thought that in an official server everything was fixed 100%, and the little things that were not fixed were fixed in a short time.
    today unfortunately i can say that i thought wrong.
    there is a major problem in this moment regarding a game feature, i'm talking about light armor mastery for aeore healers that gives some bonus better than 85 mastery skill...
    well, ncwest in this moment has the same problem and i was thinking... why can't you add an ingame feature that can allow to awakened player to come back to skill selection? i mean, unlearn 85+ skills and reset everything... that's a solution.

    at the moment you can't hope that people will reroll or that they will continue to use their own char... it's an insane thing in my opinion.
    someone now has a problem and will be less efficient than another aeore healer wearing light armor and that has got old light armor mastery.
    really, it's a serious thing, i can't believe that noone will fix this... you have a big dev team, innova is a big society and i can't believe that you will allow that some player will not be helped.
    there are two thing to do:
    1. change old skill mastery
    2. add a feature that allow to reset 85+ skills

    for sure we can't wait for harmony's release... it's something like a year.
    then try to do something and i hope that a gm will answer to this problem, this huge problem.

    waiting for some news.
  2. hachre

    hachre User

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    the bug has been fixed and we will be getting the updated version very soon. after this update the old mastery will no longer give +90% additional casting speed - which has been wrong.
  3. Etherial

    Etherial User

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    we'd like to inform you that this topic is being closed, since it is inactive, and is being archived, as planned.

    kind regards.
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