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My suggestions

Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by Kanja, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. Kanja

    Kanja User

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    first of all i want to say that these are only suggestions,and if you want to improve your quality service you will have to look at these advices.

    1)i think all players of innova want to know the fixes of every patch.
    ex. "on 11st january maintenance we received these fixes from ncsoft:(now you explain the fixes)"

    2)we all want a good communication with the gms, and i think that you should try to open the petitions in order to speak with all the players (as you know community is more important than all the other things,cause you receive money from it)

    3)try to say when you are going to fix the problems,or when the koreans will fix them,cause a lot of player will lose trust in you.

    4)improve your website, just take a look on the lineage2.com and try to make it similar(not equal):
    a page for all the announcements,a page for all the events,a page for the guides and so on

    5)rename this sections as suggestions xd i think it's better

    6)open support and ban all the botters, because a lot of players(like me) hate those bots(and we all now the name of it) and we would like to know if they will play with us(do not do the same error as ncsoft,which didn't take any protection,you have frost and you have to improve the security.

    7)if you can change the vitality in game items because the vitality system is changed and it will not work as good as it worked before (same thing to nevit,'cause i bought it, but i wasn't receiving more exp)

    8)try to make events like on ncsoft, we want events and we all appreciate to enjoy all of them,so just put the event like on ncsoft.

    8)implement mentoring system,which is a good feature of this game,and if you are not going to implement tell us all the reasons of this decision

    9)try to restart the server like at 6 a.m ,it will reduce the ingame lag

    10)if you can,put or an online counter or if the server online(i don't know the word for it xd)

    it's all for now and if i forgot something i will put it as fast as possible
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.