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Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by shikii123, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. shikii123

    shikii123 User

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    hi, wanted to give my view of things that can be improved.

    1. the forum. really would like some design related to the game.

    2. maintenance notes. self explanatory really. its good to see what issues have been dealt with etc.

    3. communication. for me, the last few weeks were not very well handled. i appreciate everyone got holidays, but nobody was here. i think that was a big mistake . at the very least communicate to us if you will be absent.

    4. fix petition system in game.

    5. i understand that some things are not availiable here that are on ncwest. ie, stone of destiny, mentor system ,etc. please make it clear if they will never be here or if it can be solved. is better to say no ,imo than get hopes up then not to be able to deliver.

    6. if we are to believe that many things are korea's fault, i hope you will give feedback to them that they need to have some regard for their eu customers and provide timely fixes that you can implement. at the moment it seems like we are regarded as second rate customers.

    7. announcements in game. most people know about pk system and cruma tower by now. maybe have a time span for such messages of 2 weeks or so.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.