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Campaign System

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Phil, Dec 3, 2011.

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    new campaign method has invested in a short time - goddess of destruction lineage2 korean server, turn off the r-grade bonds that can be obtained, and given the opportunity to order a campaign quest. campaign in updating the goddess of destruction, as a kind of new quests dynamic quest is also referred to as one person. campaign features a lineage ii world-wide for all players to perform together as a joint quest to achieve the target for a given mission, if compensation is given to all who participated in the campaign. let's look for the new campaign.

    campaign, unlike the general quest to receive the quest npc to be able to navigate to a specific period of time, but when the notification icon can be found through the campaign's start. when the campaign started, a notification icon, or click the minimap button to float on the campaign, whether to join the campaign, then you can join the campaign. also, depending on day and time as a campaign is in progress, a different kind of campaign, campaign participation, depending on the character's level, there is a limit as possible. each day of the week of the campaign type and details are as follows:


    how to joint the campaign

    to participate in the campaign, but rather that the character was turned. campaign, which occur at random. notification icon, or click the minimap button that is displayed in the campaign, and must decide whether to participate. quests that are not received automatically. when the campaign starts next campaign, icon, notification icon, or the mini-map you can see the start of the campaign. click on the icon after the campaign to decide whether to join the campaign, and automatically when you choose to participate in the campaign can see the contents of the mission.

    consent to participate in the campaign information campaign on the right side of the screen through a window of time and the rest of the campaign missions can check the progress of the current. after you complete the mission given to the campaign to participate in the campaign to qualify for reward payments will be equipped, by performing repeated the higher the contribution can receive additional compensation.

    note that all of the characters within the server level, with the condition to participate jointly in the time limit as much as if you do not achieve all the targets would not be able to receive compensation. all characters that involved in the compensation is paid. campaign that can be completed and the rewards of the king vouchers orvouchers manor in the kingdom as a proof operatorahdenseong town you move to an npc conrad off bondage orders and orders as well as the strengthening of r grade talriseuman, exchanged for various items such as hair accessories can be.


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