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Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by Naritzia, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Naritzia

    Naritzia User

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    + scaring away most of ncwest's botters.
    + active moderators on forum.
    + fast tech support with various 4game problems during the first month.

    - not enough focus on banning people that bot and run cheats. you need to take that threat serious since so many play here because of the anti-bot rumour you guys have.
    - you need one single website (lineage2.eu?) with everything forum/login/patch notes etc. atm, you look like a private server.
    - declining activity from gm's ingame. it' s a very good feeling to do /gmlist and actually see one or two online.
    - no ingame petition.
    - actively change your ingame message spam, it's been the same since the launch aprox. dont spam it as often, it get's a bit annoying.
    - free server transfers to aria, balance the servers.
    - try your absolute best to always inform us, it doesnâ´t have to be much, but any info is really good to have, shows the community you care.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.