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Moderators and their rights

Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by Pinko, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Pinko

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    i would like to know who are the current moderators or people with rights in the forums ? what can they do and in which sections? there were people saying that they are moderators but they did not have a green name they were just as any other normal user. who is controlling their actions ? for example how can you know if a moderator is not using his powers just because he doesn`t like someone or if a user is not breaking the rules on purpose just so he can complain from a mod?

    i was wondering if i should post this in the forum feedback topic but i don`t think that`s the place. there were many suggestions one of which was to have a list of the team members on forum - gm`s and their nicks, cm`s and their nicks, tech support and their nicks, mod`s and their nicks and sorry if i`ve missed anyone. it was said it is a good idea but alas nothing has been done - and i do think this is quite a simple task. not more than 5 minutes max 10.
    as far as i know there is something that`s being done on the web page/forum but it`ll be better if we can get updates like we are working on improving the forum or implementing a skin.

    -> back to moderators how were they chose and how do you know if they should keep their spot or if you need a new one ?

    i would be happy if i can have a nice conversation here in this topic , via pms or in any chat client with the responsible staff member be it forum administrator or community manager.

    that is all have a nice day(not really lol )

    //edit i have been banned for spamming , trolling and flaming i guess it`s for the following post -> while reading this please open and read the 6th and 7 pages of the official siege discussion topic - this was the post following kurai`s - feel free to discuss it but what i see is him spamming in the siege topic and not giving any constructive ideas , accept restricting forum acces
    would someone enlighten me why is the dear moderator not punished then since he is also spamming and i do not agree i`m flaming or trolling - but it seems kurai did not like what i wrote and never gave me an answer, and since it`s easier to just (ab)use his power i got banned, i really tought this would not happen but i guess there are some people that are not suit to be moderators

    i would also like to know how and who decides what is the amount of time i get for an infraction , and to see the a list of infraction or infraction points and corresponding ban times - the current system is not good too. a moderator just decides to ban someone (restrict his account as read only actually no posting rules) and just does it.

    /i tought of adding a poll to this but i won`t if someone from the community wants he can always add his toughts here
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