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Guide: The paladin

Discussion in 'Archived experiments' started by Bandaalk, Nov 29, 2011.

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    few months ago i wrote this little guide for a contest. i would like to share it with you even if with god it won't be much useful. enjoy it

    the paladin: withstanding the impact.

    the choice to play a paladin may really prove the patience of the most enduring players but may also conduce to glorious achievements.
    these key words can help you to figure out what a paladin's duty is:

    provoke – protect – calm and awareness - holiness

    provoke: drawing the attention of his enemies is how a paladin starts a fight. the use of the skill “aggression†makes the enemy force its target on you. this means that while it will be busy striking on your indefectible armour, your fellows will have plenty of time to annihilate it. the combination between the skills “aggression†and “shield stun†will make your targets unable to react.

    bullets won't hurt anyone if you channel them on you: “deflect arrow†will decrease the damage of arrows and make archers the firsts to fall.
    remember that somehow the attention will be on you from both sides of the battlefield.

    protect: being the protagonist is a difficult job but when others suddenly become protagonists of a storm of blows, they will count only the seconds between they ask help and you draw the enemy. keep in mind that “aggression†is also essential to make an enemy change its target so that weaker fellows will be saved.

    your high physical defense is what a party need to better withstand the strength of its enemies. use “majesty†to increase your defense and remember to keep it up with “iron will†that will enhance your magical defense as well.

    when a fellow find himself surrounded you won't have time to draw monsters one by one: “aura of hate†is what you need. it works like “aggression†and hooks every nearby enemy.
    what if your target is after a friend of yours? shackle it! the skill “shackle†can hold an enemy stuck on the ground and give your friend time to recover. you will find this very useful to root enemies who are too strong even for you so that they won't reach you. speed is not your specialty, therefore use it also against the fastest targets and become the tracker of the struggle.

    in an emergency situation your life is the aspersorium. whereas the hand of a healer may be busy, your allies will have trust only on your healing skills: the skill “sacrifice†will take part of your life and give it to your friend. despite its high consumption of life, it has a fast casting.

    being an human has his positive side and makes your paladin more balanced in order to bear the loss of life. for this reason, be always the one who suffers damages so that healers find easier to focus only on you.

    in case the catastrophe seems unavoidable, then you will have the chance to call your hidden and toughest defenses through the skill “ultimate defenseâ€. it will make you endure the most powerful blows maximizing your physical and magical defense. the combination of “ultimate defense†and “aura of hate†is also a good way to start killing a “raid bossâ€.
    trust the party cause you are their last hope and remember that the weak shall be protected.

    calm and awareness: never underestimate the seconds. since the paladin appears to be a calm, patient, cold and peaceful class, it also requires nerve and a patient mind to be played.

    the flow of time is your friend and “shield stun†is what makes time go slower for your enemies. take advantage of the shock they are feeling because you will then be free to study the situation. will you need to immobilize your enemy on the ground? will you need to heal yourself? if the whole party is assisting you, they will do it according to your rhythm. this is the time to think and pick.

    the skill “divine blessing†is weaker than “sacrifice†but it doesn't consume life. since it has a slower casting speed, use it while your enemies are shocked. remember that the party is the heart but you mark the beat.

    always keep an eye on what is going on during a battle. light armored assassins and archers will usually target the weaker of your fellows and your help will be praised. keep “shield fortress†and “aegis stance†up to make your shield stronger even at a 360 degrees area. be aware of the amount of your hp because, if required, you may invoke the gods through the skill “angelic icon†and destroy your enemies with an explosion of speed.

    holiness: the paladin has been blessed by the gods. demons and undead know this and hate him for this reason. let them know that the feeling is mutual. the skill “banish undead†is what makes the strongest undead vacillate and may kill it with a lethal shot.

    remember that “holy†is your innate attribute so keep always up “divine blade†and “divine armor†to better absorb their blows. “tribunal†is the most powerful holy skill of a paladin, which curses enemies with a strong debuff, so use it in combination with a weapon blessed with holy attribute.

    don't show mercy, they are already dead.

    equipments: c grade full plate set + samurai longsword focus sa [many hps + big chance of critical]
    b grade doom plate set + damascus focus sa [same reason]
    a grade nightmare set + dark legion / sirra health sa [big amount of hps + huge p.def.]
    choose weapons with “health†sa for better results during raid bosses.
    try to over enchant your armor to +6 in order to take advantage of the extra p.def.

    don't forget your cause and be always righteous.

    thanks for reading :)