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Welcome to your new Community Spotlight.

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by DeepBlue, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. DeepBlue

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    Hello to all Members,

    We would like to present to you the new Community Spotlight area.

    What is the Community Spotlight?

    This section will be a way for us to highlight to you some of your funniest/most helpful/favourite community members, players and Clans and will include some activities for you all to get involved in. General Forum Rules still apply in this section and as this is for the whole community to be involved in we ask that all submissions are done in English.

    Monday - Best Screenshot of the Week - This thread will be open for submissions from 10 am Monday until 10 pm Saturday GMT 0 for you to submit your screenshots. Time to be creative people and show us your favourite/funniest/most action packed moments in-game or favourite Adena art. We will limit this section to 1 screen per member. The top 3 screenshots will be spotlighted on our lineage 2 europe facebook page.

    Every second Thursday - Paparazzi - We are going to pick a character at random, who will become our "star" of the day. Other players will be "paparazzi" who will need to find a named person, take a screenshot with this "celebrity" and post it in the paparazzi thread.
    10 quickest "paparazzi" (that is, first 10 screenshots) get a reward.

    All submissions will be archived on a weekly/monthly (depending on which competition) basis, all screen shots/videos will be moved here after the event.
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Thread Status:
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