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Players helping players! Sigel Knight Build's

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Bers Ser, Oct 4, 2015.

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  1. Bers Ser

    Bers Ser User

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    Hello.. I'm tank and I have some problems for guidance on the internet and I would loveto see if they can help me to improve. Why I think this topic to see if we can publishguides tanks here and not only help me to me if not to other players.

    Equipment, jewelry, weapons, tattoos, Subclasses Skills, Dualclass Skill, ETC.
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  2. SnoWyz

    SnoWyz User

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    Any defensive set, obvious r99 with most quality
    Tauti 1h axe, pve cutter 2sa or if poor, apoc cutter 2sa
    Dyes, always con, get full con setup(except hat, that can go for p def)
    Subclass: defense, evasion and attack speed
    Dualclass: you may go full hp or put defense
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  3. Seivlas

    Seivlas User

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    for DualClass, I'd advice Light of Protection + HP (LoP is 3 certif, so you'll have 1 for HP). In the next update, the buff will be changed from +27% pdef/mdef for 15 sec to +40% pdef/mdef for 15 sec.
    Since you've already the 40% from AP, a health SA, 6% hp from the other cert, your effective HP will be imo higher with LoP.

    Jewels, if low budget :
    -CoC Stun Earring
    -CoC mental attack Earring
    -Blessed Freya (if you want some debuff resist, otherwise go for a cheap high mdef such as octa neck)
    -CoC dark def
    -R99 ring

    This setup should be affordable with some weeks of zakens, or with 3854514 chars to farm olympiad.

    Jewels, if correct budget (I won't put 40b+ jewels, even if for example Antharas is a BiS), aiming for stun resist/chance :
    -CoC Stun Earring
    -Istina Earring
    -Soul Frintezza (here again, you can use an octa if in need of mdef, but Frint has cooldown reduction and move speed, which is nice)
    -Beleth (despite his ****ty base mdef, the +12% mdef makes it the best mdef ring in the game)
    -Tauti (High mdef, -5% pvp damage received) // Soul Baium (lower mdef, no damage reduction, really ozom debuff chance/resist (stun+mental attack))

    For brooches :
    Diamond > Obsidian > Pearl > Rubis//Emeraude (Rubis = damage, which is nice, even if the damage output of a tank is pretty low // Emeraude = all stats, but the gain is pretty low, so I would say Rubis anyway)

    Talismans/Bracelet :
    An Aria CON (+3con, +5xx hp) is the best bracelet (iirc you need an enhanced isti + 1000 RP)
    Slots :
    -Put a annihilation talisman (up to this one it's 100% upgrade chance), don't focus on longing, as the main bonus it gives is a 30% damage reflect resistance (awesome, but you're not DD)
    -Outlaw Talisman : BiS. Your primary goal, as it decreases by 30% the damage a dagger will do to you. Also gives CP/HP/MP (tanks lack CP)
    -Lilith/anakim are awesome boosts, but they're pretty expensive atm (lilith is about 5b though, but anakim is about 12b...)
    -Note that you can take a +5 CON talisman if you've a PA
    -A venir (even low level) is always a nice addition if you've a spared slot.

    Helping an ennemy here :(
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  4. syzgod

    syzgod User

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    So I just hit 101 on my Shillien Templar and the enchant routes for the Templar's Aura is saying the same options. My question is which one to choose? Op. 1. or Op. 2. L2wiki is saying the same too. 4game site saying Op. 1. is attack Op. 2. is speed. Means first is p.attack/m.attack + speed, second is attack speed/casting speed + speed? Or it's totally bugged at the moment?
  5. NeoTiger

    NeoTiger Global moderator

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    Op. 1 = P.atk, M.atk
    Op. 2 = Attack speed, casting speed, speed
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