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why not? mentor's should have more penalties?

Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by Bers Ser, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. Bers Ser

    Bers Ser User

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    Well this issue is a bit repetitive'm certainly not one that would be futile. I begin this new topic with the hope of changing something.

    Today really looking "menter's" I found a singular or who asked me "Rune 100 xp for 1 time" and good and I knew I was going to "scammer me" but still I followed the game and was good "scammer" (I'll be a fool for some) but I just want Demostra because it is unfair to have the penalty when a "menter" leave your protection.

    My explanation for this: Many times and lost "menter" by Tuesdays and maintenance as there not come to my pc if not after the (18:00 GMT + 1) and CONNECTING is impossible for me before.

    Also the "DC" when I go in the morning wing school and do not have time or just do not see I find the game "LOG-OFF" and a "Menter" I will see that these are more than escuesas all based on gambling problems but qwuiero not only show that I rely on it.

    In these images we see that the "menter" It has great power and "mentor" You have to bear the consequences of the game or selfishness "menter"

    Please focus on what the "menter" ago because it has no penalty.

    I hope someone thinks like me and support me on this issue thanks to everyone for molestarce in reading.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.