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[Guide] I cant play correctly. Why?

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by zzZzz, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. zzZzz

    zzZzz User

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    hello! this guide can help you when you cant play correctly on innova servers.

    problem 1 i cant see play/update button.
    generally, you have a problem with your 4game app. please, use this this guide.

    problem 2 i cant update my game.
    please, use this this guide.

    problem 3 i start my game but automatically it closed.
    generally, this problem is associated with frost. you need update it. go to frost folder in 4game folder, and use frostupdater.exe if dont work. delete frost folder and use fix tool in web page.

    problem 4 critical error.
    generally, this error is associated with corrupted files. sadly, i'm not an expert in lineage2 files so i'll recommend you use fix tool in the web page and re-download your game. if some user know how to repair without re-download please post it here.

    problem 5 gameguard problem
    please, use this this guide.

    problem 6 i cant play lineage2 on linux/ubuntu/other compilations.
    sadly, innova tech team dont give support for frost on linux.

    problem 7 i cant see play button.
    if you use my guide and you cant see your play button, please remember that comodo have some problems with frost and 4game app.

    problem 8 i cant play from virtal windows.
    sorry but frost dont work correctly on virtual windows.

    problem 9 i play very bad and use mumble.
    if you use mumble, your game can crash/freez. is a know issue. close mumble for play.

    problem 10 i cant play, i use windows 8
    sorry but for now,is impossible to play.

    problem 11 the game is too freez and slow.
    lineage 2 need use good hardware for work correctly, here you can check if your video card can support correctly lineage2.
    solid state disk ( ssd) help a lot and improve your lineage2.

    problem 12 i see play button but i get a error when i click it.
    please remember that comodo *have some problems with frost and 4game app.

    i update this guide when i have more problems and their solutions. please, feel free to comment anything about this guide and how can i improve it.
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  2. Kall

    Kall User

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    you can see actual solutions and issues' statuses here.
    additional instructions could be found here.
    here you can download client-check application.
    if you can't find a solution for your issue you always can ask for moving the thread back into the main branch.

    best regards
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