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Event Concept (S.T.U.P.I.D)

Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by Vandhir, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. Vandhir

    Vandhir User

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    at this point, let me inform you, that eng. is not my native, so there might be some grammar mistakes (i hope there wont be that much) in my post :p sorry.
    now, i got this little idea for a event, an event that would not be based on fighting, but instead on gambling :)
    silly team unpredictable poker including dice ! (im not very good at naming)
    four teams: team of spades, team of clubs, team of diamonds and team of hearts, five players in each team, one dice per player.
    teams form a square like this:
    and its time to roll the dice!
    im not quite sure what would be the best starting bid, gotta think about it (any ideas?) or which team will be first to start? is it better to roll all team-dice at once? or player after player? there are some details that we gotta think about :)
    every player represent one "card" from a regular poker, every team represent one "hand" from a regular poker.
    funny thing is... its all luck my friends! you cant predict what number will your teammate roll, so you can win or loose at any time.
    the rules are simple, best combo wins!
    lets say team of spades start, entry bid is set, spades rolls, and its a 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, full house, next teamleader (team of diamons) can either, pass, play and roll, or raise the bid (it depends on the teamleader hunch :d)
    the game can take places even here:

    its just a concept :) with a few fixes from you guys, it can turn out to something interesting.
    it depends on, what do you think about it?
    the hardest part is... the event needs a supervisor, someone who can always keep an eye on the rolls and catch up with results.

    ps: ofcourse, audience could place bets (if anyone can take a risk to be a bookie) :)

    feel free to correct me anytime (but i'll ignore rude posts)
    due to lack of any interest i guess the thread can now be deleted.
    take care.
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  2. hachre

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    hey vandhir, i think its a cool idea but sadly innova aren't able to run custom events like that. only korea can make the neccessary changes to drop tables, introduce new items, npcs, the ability to bet and all that. all innova can do is run gm driven events like the one we saw a few days ago. that's also why nobody replied probably...
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