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[Event] Farming is magic

Discussion in '2011 ~ 2017' started by GM Amarantha, May 5, 2016.

  1. GM Amarantha

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    Collect carrots from hunting zones and feed Hungry Galup, but stay focused! Everyone knows that hungry horse can be a danger, watch your hands and feed him carefully.
    Do not be afraid, the prize is worthy!



    1. Gather carrots for Galup
    Eliminate monsters and gather Carrots! As usual, items will not drop from monsters that are 9 or more levels lower than the character (such mobs are dark-blue).


    Awakened characters will not receive Carrots in hunting zones for non-Awakened characters. The same is true for characters having completed 3rd Liberation.

    2. High Horse Galup
    After the maintenance you will meet Galup in all big towns of Elmoreden. You can find it standing on a special event pedestal - or use /target Galup command.


    Galup will tell you the story of its mysterious arrival in Elmoreden, and ask you to bring as much Carrots as you can - Galup is very, very hungry!
    Collect 40, 120 or 4000 Carrots and give them to Galup. It will reward you with a special item - Galup's Special Luck Pouch.

    Exchange rate is as follows:


    120 Carrots can be exchanged at Galup for special items: Entrance Pass: Embryo Command Post (1-day item)


    Entrance Pass: Nightmare Kamaloka (1-day item)


    Entrance Passes expires after 1 day. You can obtain an unlimited amount of Passes - the only limit is the amount of Carrots you have.

    3. Hungry Galup

    Hungry Galup can be found lurking for food in different parts of Elmoreden.


    At a certain rate Hungry Galup will appear in the following hunting zones:
    • Harnak Underground Ruins;
    • Altar of Evil;
    • Bloody Swampland;
    • Fairy Settlement;
    • Garden of Genesis;
    • Prison of Darkness;
    • Isle of Souls;
    • Mimir's Forest;
    • Nornil's Cave;
    • Guillotine Fortress;
    • Seal of Shilen;
    • Orbis Temple;
    • Cemetery;
    • Pagan Temple;
    • Land of Chaos;
    • Raider's Crossroads;
    • Beleth's Magic Circle (Hellbound);
    • Phantasmal Ridge (Hellbound);
    • Desert Quarry (Hellbound);
    • Seed of Annihilation (Gracia);
    • Seed of Hellfire (Gracia).
    NB: sometimes NPC may be missing in a certain zone. It does not mean that it will not appear in this zone later. If no one feeds Hungry Galup for 30 minutes, it will disappear and emerge in another location.

    On appearance, Hungry Galup has an empty HP bar. The bar is indicating the degree of horse's hunger. As you feed it, the bar will gradually fill up.


    Select Hungry Galup and double-click on Carrot in your inventory to feed the horse. To get full, Hungry Galup needs 7 Carrots.


    After you feed Hungry Galup with 7 Carrots, it will thank you and drop a Galup's Gift Pouch.


    Upon opening Galup's Gift Pouch, you will receive 1 Carrot Pouch:


    and the Horse Power buff:



    Upon giving a certain amount of Carrots to Galup you will obtain a Galup's Special Luck Pouch. Open a pouch and receive your reward!

    Upon opening a pouch you will receive one of the items from the list:


    If you are a lucky one, you will get a Hair Accessory Box with 2 random options. Upon opening, head accessory will get 2 random options from the table below. One from the Option A column, the other one - from Option B.


    E.g.: Romantic Chapeau [WIT + P. Atk.]


    1. Carrot drop chance is increased every evening, from 18:00 till 02:00 server time.
    2. Rewards can be received when the inventory weight/quantity is less than 80% full.

    Known bugs:
    1. Carrot description contains a mistake: in fact, it cannot be used for Alchemy.
    2. Entrance Pass: Nightmare Kamaloka description contains a mistake: in fact, it is obtained from Galup NPC (not from Captain Kurtiz).
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  2. WhiteSpock

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    no XP 2x? Q_Q
  3. Joshy

    Joshy User

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    since now it's an instance game, with the pass for atelia instance you got your XP x2 ! :>
  4. iSTOMPquakez

    iSTOMPquakez User

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    am i crazy or we actually got farming even on core ?!
  5. St0ne

    St0ne User

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    Well done,at last farmah time!
  6. SexOnTheSand

    SexOnTheSand User

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    soon or late i will see alot of ppl complain and crying about this event , some already start some will post soon , ppl on core server crying about everythink . this is the 2nd farm event that happend , Yes i know 1 emo european will post there was also tarots p2w . tarots are 3 years already just discount doesnt count ;) .
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  7. idevvv

    idevvv User

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    Do we play on the same server? farming events are the most events on server .. Not like only 2 times like u said, mby this year yes but farming something for like pass atelia when 90% ppl dont have equip for that instance well ..here we go
  8. khaot

    khaot User

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    oh common 3 years tarrot? where are u live?And if yes then server is more then 3 years borken