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help me to choose SubClass and DualClass

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Sparagas, Jun 27, 2016.

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  1. Sparagas

    Sparagas User

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    I know there is Lineage wiki, and forums full of info, but as I began to play I realized, that a lot of info is outdated, so I will ask anyway:

    On wiki it says you can't choose the same class as you are, but when I went to subclass NPC, I could pick any class! (except one dwarf and one orc class of course).

    I am Iss Hierophant, so would it be beneficial to pick other ISS as subclasses? like Orc ISS as DualCLass, and elf and d. elf as sublcasses?

    It is written, that you actually can't make dualclass witch awakens to the same class. That's logical, but only when it was 8 general awakening classes. How is it now? You still can't dualclass to the same type? So I can't make Iss Orc dualclass as Iss Hierophant?

    What about if I make ISS Cardinal as dualclass and other two elf healers as subclass?
    I heard a rumor, that you can't make dualclass if it is the same race. So Human can't make Human dualclass?

    I think it would be beneficial to transform to healer if party needs fast healing. No? And with pre-awakend elfs supports I will have my old nostalgia buffs

    Or should I pick more random classes, like one tank, one DD and one for luck enchanting etc?

    What about general stats?
    Subclasses use sublcass race stats (STR CON rtc)
    and Dualclass use my MAIN class stats? is that correct? if so then it's not good to pick mage dualclass as fighter...

    And what is the limit for Dualclass lvl? 99 or unlimited?
    Because if that's unlimited it means dualclass is very important, because mostly 40% of your play you will be playing as dualclass.
    If that's true, what is be best choice for ISS Hierophant for dualclass? (hard question, I know)

    And now about skills...

    I know you get general skills, so it actually doesn't matter what subclasses you pick (especially when subclass is caped at 80 lvl),
    but, in wiki it says that when you restart your sublcass, you don't loose learned sublcass skills. so... is it theoretically possible to level up subclass, learn skills, restart sublclass and learn additionally new skills when he levels up? If so, when after few grindings and restarts you could have learned ALL sublcass skills! (Before answering this, tell me if you ACTUALLY know it, or is it just your opinion, because I am willing to test this)

    And finally, can I restart my dualclass? if Yes, that's means I can do this "exploit" with dualclass too

    Thank you for your answers,
    yours good 'ol random forum noob - Sparagas
  2. Lomyr

    Lomyr User

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    You can now choose ANY subclass you want, except Tyrr Maestro and Iss Dominator as you said (and maybe except your main class too, but I never checked); moreover, they all lead to the same dual/subclass skills, so you can really choose the one you want. Your stats in dual/sub are the stat of the dual/sub (as if they were main). As for your main class, the level of your dual class is unlimited; for your subclasses, their max lv. is 80. Finally, you can restart/reset any dual/sub you want (with some fees maybe) :)
  3. St0ne

    St0ne User

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    Never seen so many questions in one tread ;-)
    But its good,better ask than make mistakes.
    For dual class pick any class U think suits U.After all U gonna play it.U can pick any class except 2 U alrdy know.
    Dont pick same class dual and main imo,its a bit of waste.
    Searched classes are all kind of support including tanks.
    U can learn only 12 subskills + dualskills.
    We r getting all same kind.No matter race/class.
    With new update its important to get to 103lv asap.
  4. Sparagas

    Sparagas User

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    Yes, you can't take your own class.
    And at least for Subclass you can reset for free (resets to lvl 40, and to what ever class you want).

    Can I ask, what others picker for theyre dual class and for what reason? And what main class they have
  5. zauliuz

    zauliuz User

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    sub dual for iss..
    my iss have healer as dual with PoW. warcryer and phantom summoner as sub.
    healer just because it's my box, and sometimes i need mp or salva.
    wc - gate chant.
    phantom summoner - for party cubic.
  6. cmec1

    cmec1 User

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    it all very dependant of what u need from dual/subs, is your iss main char or is it box? do you plan to play dual, do you play in cp, or more like with randoms
    if iss is main (and u actualy play it and want to make it as far as possible) then tank/tyrr for sub to save up money and not need another set, tyrr would mean faster lvl up since u can solo somewhere (titan would be best since ppl are allways wanting titans in party for everything), if u play alone tank is hard to exp since its not needed anywhere except atelia instance (100+ instance)
    for subclasses i suggest u take anything that can lvl up fast (dreadnought, mage, warcrayer) since u dont do anything else with them just for sub skills u need 80 80
    if your iss is a box, then u dont need even to bother with anything except making mains lvl 101 for pom to your main character
    this is for box iss not bad idea, but phantom sumoner is useless now since u cant remove more than 50% of pdef (lumi+cripling is more than enough), and basicly any instance doesnt need shackle and such, healer with pow is useless from 1 point of view because in open field i doubt u switching subclasses on box every 5mins to repow yourself
  7. Sparagas

    Sparagas User

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    I have very long relationship with Prophet.
    In the old days, when I played Lineage II, I very liked and hated Prophet at the same time.
    I always liked to be universal jack of all trades in games, and he was most universal character.
    And I always liked to be more mele warrior, than ranged mages. And for some reason always liked heavy armor. They just look so awesome.

    So I always picked human buffer for:
    • convenience - you always had the buffs and heal, and had stuff like resurrection and fast return skill
    • money - in the old days you could sell buffs, and in parties you almost never used shots
    • universality - he could wear any kind of armor and weapon
    • churches - his one weird, but in the old days when you had to learn skills from NPC, support classes had to do it in the biggest buildings in the town. So I felt very important and privileged :D

    and for... role playing rebellion. I really liked his role play story:
    • He started as human mystic - a mage with no muscles and who really needs to be more in sun, fighting monsters with magic skills wearing robes
    • When after lvl 20 he decided to go to the light side and be more defensive and make his crusade against evil. So after maning up, he puts light armor and goes to kill undead monsters with more powerful, but only on undead monsters working magic
    • After lvl 40 he says "fork it!" and goes full melee warrior with heavy armor!
    • And now (in GoD) after awakening he's dream comes true - even his basic stats transform from mystic to true warrior!

    So I really liked his slow journey from mage to warrior

    I hated him because:
    • WarCryer did everything what I could, but BETTER
    • In the old days the game was very unbalanced and Prophet was the weakest class like... forever. In Theory his strength was his buffs - he is weak, but he was the strongest when he is buffed vs unbuffet other classes, but in reality everyone was dualboxing buffer so everyone was buffed, and then Prophet was piece of sheat.
    • In every update everyone got new skils, and Prophet got... guess what - new buffs! And with every buff he got weaker and weaker, because on others his buffs was much greater then on him. I was hoping with every update to get PVP skills, bet never got it... His only role was to dualbox...
    • Appearance - in my eyes he always looked worst in any armor, and not even every heavy armor set had unique appearance! Hated to be in heavy and to look like I was wearing Robes.

    In old days mainstream Prophet was only in parties (no one soloed him), and only in robes (no one talked about light Prophet, let alone heavy).
    And I said to my self "I will do it. I will make him the rebellious fighter against his fate, and make him melee warrior!"

    So I soloed him with heavy armor and two handed great sword and never looked back!

    ISS Hierophant is my main
    I have Fenrir pet (he shares my buffs)
    I like to be universal
    I like to be tanky
    I am selfish rebellious buffer - my role is not to be friendly weak buffer in robes, who sits, but to be powerful tanky warrior, who happens to also buff
    I want to max him in every way possible, so I want to make everything (including sub/dual to make my MAIN class more powerful)
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