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Mister and Miss Lineage 2 - 2016

Discussion in '2011 ~ 2017' started by CM Mutsera, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. CM Mutsera

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    Dear players!

    September has almost come, and it means that it is high time to vote for Distinguished King and Queen of Elmoreden!

    I am glad to announce that we are starting our annual Mister and Miss Lineage 2 contest!

    Visit the official page of the contest to learn more about our special prizes for winners and get acquainted with the rules and requirements for participants. Before uploading your photo make sure that it complies with the main requirements (and corresponds to the topic!).

    The topic of your photo should be “Studying in Elmoreden”. The main requirement for your photo: an obvious process of learning or studying in Elmoreden should be captured. Each photo should come with a brief text, where you can include information about yourself and on the subject matter of the photo.

    Your photo should also include a Lineage 2 logo. Attention: the logo should be an element of reality and it cannot be added by means of a graphic editor or in post-production. The size of your photo should be not less than 1000х1500 px. Photo may be post-processed, but only graphic characteristics may be changed (sharpness, contrast, color balance); adding any elements drawn by hand or other items are not allowed.
    Visit our Rules page to learn more about the topic and reqirements.

    Winners of this year will receive:

    1 place - ASUS Gaming laptop in Lineage 2 style
    2 place - ASUS Smartphone in Lineage 2 style
    3 place - ASUS Smart watch in Lineage 2 style

    All winners will also receive items from L2 Store worth of 100 Euro and 3 months of Lineage 2 Premium Account subscription or 3 months of Lineage 2 Classic subscription.

    In order to take part in this contest you also have to prove that you belong to the world of Lineage 2. You will need to complete an in-game quest "Diana's Request" during the first stage of the contest. You can find Diana in Talking Island Village. Do not delete or throw away quest item until the first stage ends.

    Participant’s applications for the 1st stage are accepted from 30th of August till 20th of September.
    Voting for the 1st stage participants will take place from 23rd till 30th of September.

    UPDATE: We decided to prolong the contest till the 4th of October! Hurry to participate!

    You can discuss the contest and ask your questions in this thread.
    Good luck to all ladies and gentlemen!
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