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Common bugs in l2 atm

Discussion in 'Game Bugs (Archive)' started by GZenia, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. GZenia

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    first of all there's still no fix to rage aura in tanks, where u get completlee different debuff text message. if it takes 1 year for koreans to fix a text then lol, they should go work somewhere else.

    secondly rb's. you don't get debuff state if that rb appeared or u died. explanation: in fortuna, each time rb appears after 7 stage, u dont recieve debuff state (to see it u need to target something else and then back on rb, istina same and all other raid bosses.

    third, thank you very much for giving us in fortuna two raid bosses from time to time, we appreciate this.

    lastly, is pick up thingy in spezion. as far as we know you can't pick up drops in whole of l2 for fixed time after other party kills mob. but in spezion, theres no such timers, and if you are iss (for example) you can just go with shadow and steal these memory fragments from other parties with easy. fix must be done.

    p.s you will loose money without mentoring system applied, as new peoples just avoid core becouse of this.

    thank you,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.