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Tauti sneak peak

Discussion in '2011 ~ 2017' started by Fahrenheit, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Fahrenheit

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    the world now has two separate parties, the party that worships darkness
    and the party which serves light. clan leader will be able to choose which
    party to support.

    you are the one in charge of justice!


    1. castle sieges

    1. the castle siege times have been changed from occuring in two time brackets (sunday 16-18, 20-22) to a single time bracket on sunday 20-22.

    -gates that have been damaged due to campaigns will be reset at the start of siege.

    -jump routes have been added to areas surrounding rune and aden castles.

    -system of ‘light and darkness’ has been implemented.

    -immediately after the update, all castles will be set to ‘light’.

    -the seal of ruler skill has been removed, and is replaced by seal of light and seal of darkness skills.

    -successful casting of seal of light puts the castle into a state of light, and successful casting of seal of darkness puts the castle into a state of darkness.

    * before the end of the siege, there will be an opportunity to reselect the castle’s state between light and
    darkness through a spawned messenger npc.


    depending on that, the following privileges will be given:

    the ones supporting light:

    -taxes for selling/buying at npc are 0%

    -npc chamberlain and court magician, the lord of the castle and the
    members of the clan will be able to buy glorious cloak of light, cloak of

    -the sky around the castle supporting light will be bright and cloudless.

    -each member gets a buff which increases the received xp for 3% (easier
    leveling up)

    the ones supporting darkness:

    *-taxes for selling (30%) /buying (10%) items at npc*

    - at npc chamberlain and court magician lord of the castle and the
    members of the clan and members of the clan can buy glorious cloak of
    darkness, cloak of darkness.

    - the castle around the castle looks dark and gloomy.

    - there will be members of the army of dusk in towns with castles, which
    would offer to purchase special items to the players, who have already
    reached the 40th level.

    -the members of army of dusk offer to purchase armor, weapons and other
    items for players of the 40+level

    changes to hunting areas


    1. guillotine in the town to move to the next in the fortress 'ramun' was added.

    - dion castle town

    - what is a star village

    2. and then placed on hunting and hunting for the monster's hp is higher than the existing changing experience was obtained.

    - blood mist zone (alter of evil, the bloody swamp).

    - fairy settlement

    - seal of shilen

    3. gear on the element value granted to allow a more seamless hunting monster is granted to change the element values ​​were lower than before.

    new hunting zones:

    tauti raid

    recommended level 97+

    1. general mode = 14 ~ 35 people, extreme mode = 21 to 35 people before extreme to proceed is instanced dungeon in the raid.

    2. normal/ extreme mode exists and the industrialization of the seeds are placed inside the npc 'siege raku' through the general ago, 'aqua' is over will be admitted to the extreme before.

    3. instances reset every wednesday at 6:30

    seeds of industrialization

    recommended level 97+

    1. persisted in the general hunting monster is placed.

    2. with quest deonjeonin dolpahyeong instance 'tauti raid (normal / extreme) can proceed.

    3. 1-2 storey mall in the northern part of the hunting grounds for hunting, south of the country hunting for the general hunt is made up of bursts.

    4. tauti targeting (normal / extreme) over a certain number of success in the general state of the occupied state is changed to pc.

    5. the seeds of industrialization step 2 (pc occupied) state if changes are made to move through the npc helpers, 3rd floor (kunda training ground) and can be moved.

    6. in training camp, 3rd floor kunda items can be obtained through collecting.

    fort guillotine

    recommended level 95-97

    1. existing hunting parties hunting the 95-97 level, "fortress guillotine" was renewed by.

    2. new monsters.

    3. appeared at the same time, some monsters' chaos shield ' by using physical, magic defense is maximized.

    4. if the monster to death fortress guillotine with a low probability of "survival of the evidence" to acquire the item, and the "proof of survival" in possession of a monster with a chance of death if the event monster seukaldisekteu of industrialization 'appeared is.

    5. some monsters in the game will emerge only at night.

    6. raid on fort guillotine boss' insane crook was added.
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