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Exploring the Dimensional Gap

Discussion in 'Guides' started by quir0, May 17, 2017.

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    Long time ago, after the Goddess of Destruction Shilen awakend, there was a man who coveted the power of the Gods. He opened the Dimensional Rift, allowing Forgotten Creatures to enter to the World of Aden. In that moment a Crack in the Dimension happen, and the Ertheias were allowed to enter Aden also, searching for this Crack to seal the Dimensional Rift again and the Creatures with it. The mission is now for all of us in Aden, we must help the Ertheias to seal both Dimensions for ever.”

    (95+) Exploring the Dimension: 30-day Search Operation
    (95-99) Exploring the Dimension: Sealing the Dimension

    This quest begins in Aden, with the Npc Ruine (Dimensional Seeker), at the left side downstairs.

    Once you talk to her, you must teleport to the Dimensional Gap (95+) like the third option says.
    When you get there, you will be in a familiar place (if you remember the old Catacombs/Necropolis). This part of the GAP is the Area Nº2. In there you will meet Subi (Beloa’s Guardian Spirit), he have a quest for you.

    Once you talk to him many options will appear in the chat box, just follow the instructions below and you will be fine


    Talk in the next order:
    1. Quest
    2. Take both quest (Sealing The Dimension is an extra for Search Operation)
    3. Go on...
    4. Go on...
    5. What should I do?
    6. And thats all, you now have to get 100 Spirit Fragments by killing monsters.
    After taking the quest talk to Subi again, you will need to take the Dimensional Force Sustaining Device.

    This item allows you to farm in the Dimensional Gap and kill the mobs that dwells in there.

    WARNING: The Dimensional Force Sustaining Device is a time limited item, you only have 60 minutes to farm the 100 Spirit Fragments inside the Dimensional Gap, if you don’t do it the Device will disappear and you will have to wait to the next Instance Restart in order to acquire in a new one. This item cannot be deleted from the inventory, it will only expire after 60 minutes.

    Now that you have all what you need, is time to go into the Dimensional Gap where monsters dwell. Talk with Subi and Teleport into the Dimensional Gap:
    As you can see, there is also the Dimensional Gap Area 1, it’s the same as the Area 2 (where Sumi is), if you can’t find a good spot to farm, you can go there also, Area 1 is the same as Area 2. The procedure about quests and options are the samein both areas.

    Inside the Gap it looks like the old Catacombs and Necropolis.



    Monsters are easy to kill, even withouth buffs, but you need to be fast if you want to finish the daily quest in the next 60 minutes. They give good xp/sp also.
    The monsters often drops Superior Mana Herbs, so you can stay here quite along.

    Once you get the 100 Spirit Fragments you will instantly teleported to the Area 1, where Beloa is, and you can’t enter again until the next Instance Restart, so you are done here and it is time to take your reward.

    Talk to Beloa and finish the quest to get your reward:
    When you open your Beloa’s Supply Items you will get:
    And after opening the Beloa’s Gift Box you can get randomly one of the following treasures:
    Also, when you take the reward, you will get the Remnant of the Rift, wich is a quest item for the 2nd quest in the Gap: Sealing the Dimension. You need 30 of this Remnants in order to finish the 2nd quest, so it will take 30 days to complete it.

    After completing your Daily quest and gain the Remnant, it’s time to go back to the Real World. Talk to Beloa and return to the Town of Aden.

    *Notice that if you are inside the Gap and you use SoE/BsoE you will be teleported to the Area 1 (Where Beloa is).*

    This is all for today, remember to help Ertheias daily so we all can seal the Dimensional Rift once for all!

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