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Dreaming of Peace

Discussion in 'Guides' started by quir0, May 31, 2017.

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    “Despite our efforts those creatures do not rest, the Peace it’s still covered by a Shadow and the forest isn't calm yet... We need a little more...”

    (90+ Daily Quest) Dreaming of Peace
    This Quest start in Fairy Settlement, to get there you must go to the Ancient City Arcan and then teleport to the Arms of Timiniel from the Gatekeeper, were you will find the Npc Nerupa:

    After you talked to her follow the next steps to take the Quest:

    1. Quest.
    2. “What would you like for me to do?”
    3. “And what was that?”
    4. “Tell me more.”
    5. You are ready to go...

    Now you must pass the bridge that is behind her to access the Quest Area:

    Nerupa said that you must kill “Violent” monsters:

    But you can kill more kind of them, like:

    • Enraged.
    • Slightly Enraged.
    • Brutal.
    If you did To Calm The Flood Quest you will know that you can attack Cocoons in order to spawn harder mobs, like “Brutal” monsters:


    Once you get 300 you can go and claim your reward at Nerupa:

    Or you can keep up until you get 1200 to maximize your reward!

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