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Help with guide to Seed of Destruction Instah on Grand Crusade

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by LooAlonelMoon, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. LooAlonelMoon

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    (I am asking for advices on EU forum, because my account got banned on RU forums, again :p )

    This is one of few fun Insta-zones, which crabo-overbusted) farmers is don't like :p And it is one of few dungeons that I liked on La2. But it is hard to gather few parties to this zone. So I want to create a mini-guide for the noobs, like me :)

    First-off you need gather parties, it's hard sometimes, especially on server where Loo is. Then you need get through long corridors and defeat a LOT amount of Drago-soldiers, and destroy lot amount of obelisks . I will try to make a schematic map there, because it's hard to lost your way there. In addition, the mages and marksmans from high points can easily kill anything without "normal boost".


    Then your groups need to defeat a horde in the Hall, the hall of Tiat is really big. the "limits" in this case is a very helpful.


    Just a lot amount of mosters. After defeating those horde, the Army of Tiat will arise. This guys is much more tougher, and there is even a Healers!


    In addition they will respawn shortly. The boss him (or her) self is very tough too, super resist against any arrows, bolts, etc. In addition after ~50% HP is down, Tiat can restore full HP! Which is just amazing...


    Well, the battle was a very interesting, but unfortunately the laggs (15 Kbyte/sec connection... no comment), and the defeat of second group has done the fight, I don't know how the second party can died, with a healer of 97th lvl on their side, but still.... Tiat without any mercy destroyed our two groups.

    Any advices for my guide?)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.