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[15.12.2017] Christmas Event Preview

Discussion in 'Team Blog Archive' started by CM Fragola, Dec 15, 2017.

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    This is a PREVIEW of what's waiting for us (hopefully) this week at L2 EU.
    Planned Dates: 20/12 - 10/01
    Planned Mechanic:
    1) Monsters drop 2 types of event items: matchsticks and match heads, the rest you get from NPC Exchange.
    2) NPC exchanges collected items for well-made matchsticks (high rate) or powerful matchsticks (low rate)
    3) NPC exchanges x20 well-made matchsticks for 2h hunting XP/SP bonus +150% and Fishing XP/SP bonus +50%
    4) NPC sells cooking ingredients (x15 Well-made matchsticks + 500 000 adena) for making food at a bonfire.
    5) NPC exchanges x20 powerful matchsticks for a bonfire.
    6) You can prepare food at the bonfire and receive 2 types of dishes. One gives you a buff (all stats +1, XP/SP +10%), another one can be exchanged for pouches.
    7) Pouches give various items when opened (talismans, Christmas appearance items, part-time seller transforms).

    The detailed description of the rewards will be given in the official event announcement.

    Current status: final testing phase on our test servers.


    This event preview is an attempt to organize better info flow between the team and the community as a result of the feedback given in previous discussions on the forums. I believe this will help players to organize their time and exping better and see what's being done for the server. I hope you understand that in a case of negative feedback we have the right to stop posting previews and go back to "100% proven info only" mode.

    NOW, if you support this attitude, please put a like (it's a good idea to support people here with likes anyway) and give me a comment below if you have any questions.