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[11.02.2018] Community Feedback on everything

Discussion in 'Team Blog' started by CM Fragola, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. LuckyLuciano

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    2) It's way too expensive. It should be at least 20-30% cheaper. It's simple, majority of players are from East Europe rather than West, so this pricing strategy should be more inline with RU servers. And please don't use this adena/eur argument, it makes no sense and was debunked many times. High l2store prices and l2 exclusive items is one of the main reasons that's killing this game.Period. I know a at least several people who quit once you announced sayha. Not to mention most of the people I knew before my break were gone after other events...
    3) Agree to Cmec. Server is not that alive and populated to have some sort of balance.
    4,5,6) Its a mix of keeping current and attracting new players. Current players mainly leave due to l2store promos and I really doubt there is anything more to it, new ones dont stay long enough because after Paulina set there is nothing else to do. I would say bring back common crafting for r95/r99 items, this gives opportunity for people to make gear when paulina is over and also forces them to leave town. There is no out of town farming anymore except people doing Faction. 2 years ago, our cp farmed SOA to get tw mats/recipes and make sets, now its impossible to do any of that. It feels good to have a goal, thats what motivates people, but now, you can have whatever the goals you want, but there are no means to reach them while enjoying the game. Most of r99 items come from events and some from raids. L2 in a nutshell for new player - Kartia/baylor and some random oct/tauti parties and its only while Paulina set is on.

    Everyone now is obsessed with getting max level as fast as possible because low levels gameplay is dead, because no new players coming in and there is 0 incentive to do anything else than instances to lvl up fast.

    By the way, I really really hope you will not do this without adjusting other things discussed:
    One is already being addressed - nerfing the "item-to-NPC" process (which nobody likes, but it's necessary).
  2. Eyon00

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    NC already knows how the game could be fixed, its not really rocket science. Mobs in high level areas would simply drop a bunch of materials and a lot more adena. Raids would drop a bunch of l2store-exclusives. But that is never going to change simply because NC would have lower profits.
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    in case to make dragons "pvp zone" game need fix "friendly fire" feature to not attack clan/ally/command channel members.
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  4. {IronV}

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    or make it siege zone 10m b4 spawn starts and end 20m after
  5. Preslav

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    1) open fields - increase both drop and spoil rates and perhaps quantities - spoil and craft are deprecated so revive them. And increase should be like 50-200 times. This would make people with and without gear go and farm, thus making server quite more alive, market more alive and better oe items for poor and rich. Also ppl would start crafting with those recipes, parts and mats that drop now instead of selling to NPCs.
    2) instances - drop increase, maybe add drop to mobs inside those
    3) all items to be available through non l2store means and not reliable on l2store items to obtain - unlike brooch jewels which require eod and ge - super limited supply. Thats broken, because supply of those is mostly from store.
    4) either reduce store prices greatly (70%) or adjust reward rates - its ridiculous paying 500e for store and not getting single useful or expensive item, or fail compounding jewels and have the same as u started with.
    5) tune adena drop - thats the first game i have seen that on high level and high stats mobs you get less adena and drop. Increase should be at least linear if not exponential, so people are also driven to pay for runes and boost and level up.
    6) make all item skill mastery rate fixed/zero - its a joke that othell and yul get all the time skill mastery on agathion rhapsody, abundance talisman etc, and the rest classes are left behind
    7) remove active la vie en rose skill, like its in korea
  6. Cordana

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    From perspective vCL/CL one of the Ramona clan ( we are playing here from the beggining )

    From the start of the server we have around 200-250 different players in our clan and 90% of them quit for only one reason - it's nearly impossible to gear without l2 store/trading/have strong cp/farming zaken etc with 1000 chars. Many players just hit 97/99 and had around 100kk then game is over... they just cant do anything else expect baylor/cc/k95 even k99 was a problem without 300 att weapon, things went even worse when after grand crusader elcyum drop from baylor/k95/ etc was cutted down and replace with ussles scrolls. Few simples things can fix this problem:

    K85/should have full drops like immortal/requiem k90 tw/apo and k95 seraph/specter maybe ?
    More full drops from open field... Ramona drasticly need regular jewels from the beggining of the server
    Increase drops from all 85-99 instances

    Players just need easier and stable income from the start thats all

    And Second thing not now but maybe around the summer...

    One way transfer possibility from Core to Ramona with some other restrictions
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  7. Betr4y

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    2. Lower prices in L2 store would be great but we all know that its not gonna happen so I am not even going to comment on that

    3. Every other server/ chronicle I would agree with pvp-zone at drags but these servers are so unbalanced, that it would destroy the game completely. People who are far behind and trying to desperately catch up will have no chance on achieving anything. Making it will make all the people who are not on "top side" with donators leave. And I dont really know why would be "all competitive clans" asking for that, unless they want to be left with killing only mobs with top gear.

    4. I am afraid the only option here is merge, or character transfer. Unless you decide to fix L2 store but then again it will not happen

    5. Inflation could happen only if adena would be increased massively. What we can start on is some lower increase, its better than nothing and I am sure everyone would welcome that
  8. TrotTrot

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    To me, there are 2 main problems :
    - the insane amount of gear you need to start being effective in pvp
    - the fact that you cannot gather that gear by only playing your toon (zaken toons, alt chars etc.)

    The game should offer more "upgrade your stuff" possibilities. This could be done through quests, NPC exchanges, achievements, maybe other ways I don't think about.
    The type of upgrades available could be R->R95->R99, normal->blessed->pve->pvp, safe enchants (not guaranteed, just safe) up to +8, and probably many more.

    That would take care of a big part of my first point. Now to my second point :

    You should be able to do so playing your toon, not a gazillion others. So a currency bound to your toon is required as the exchange method. Quests are such a bound currency. We've got another existing one in game right now: fame. And it actually is used in such a way already, for faction talismans.
    You could extend that model to so many other gear fields! Keeping the affordable price range used for the same talismans right now, not asking for 5b fame for 1 pvp part.

    And to carry on in the "you can farm it, or you can buy it" trend, you should increase the ways of gaining bound currency, with fun and enjoyable events. Lots of private servers have automated events. They run once every hour, there are already out there a lot of event ideas, both pvp, pve and chilling events (team vs team, capture the flag, fortress defense, king of the Hill, Simon says,...). Such events ensure a renewal in the day to day activities one might go for, and thus tend to retain the players. Because it is actually fun to play your main toon, and it gives you the opportunity to work for your items during that time, while you focus on xp when there is no event on.

    The plus side is that you're not touching actual adena.

    PS: maybe it has been mentioned before. Sorry if it's the case, I didn't read all the posts :x
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  9. -V77-

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    2 cents from me
    At startt im sorry for mistakes, not often i do such long posts, for sure will be planty of mistakes.

    1) PA value with Elcyum<->Fishing nerf
    I was buying 2x PA when elcium powder fas for 2kk. And im sure most ppl was goind that.
    Now its nosens to buy more than one PA. SO You lost by this decision. Its duble knee shot.
    Player lost Adena income. At that moment PA offering nothing that is worth to buy more than one PA.
    Box logging + Offline traning. Only This and Off trening 10h = 0.1 nothing spectacular.
    And you as company lost because less ppl buy PA now.

    2) L2Store prices
    Well if you want to lower prices and devs says "no" You should decline any l2store content from them untill you will be able to negotiate prices. You have your license.
    Believe or not if there will not no l2store "events" noone will cry after this.
    Focus on PA. you will get paid by PA, and maybe then Devs will take a bit brain and say "hey, noe even innova saying no because of prices, because of this prices thye lost player and there is noone to buy this"
    YOu need to learn
    1000 ppl buying something for 2e is more than 2 ppl buying for 500e at once.

    3) Dragon clicking
    Until Frost is still bypassed by XXX or even simple razer macro clicking you cant do anything in this.

    4) Server population
    Killed by insane l2store promotions and prices of this l2store

    5) Adena/item drops
    At that moment im near AH
    lets say you are new on server like my class - archer (i put only clear not enchanted/cheapest items)
    Helios Bow - 660'000'000
    Leather Helmet - 130'000'000
    Leather top - 260'000'000
    Leather Leggings - 300'000'000
    Leather Gloves - 155'000'000
    Leather Boots - 69'000'000
    Ekimus Belt - 3'200'000'000
    3x 10 Dye STR - (cheapers price of Anciend STR lvl 5) (10x 130'000'000) x3 = 3'900'000'000
    on this i end, Jewelery is depends of PvP/PvE/Mdef setup everyone can put R99++ Earing/epics or whatever
    Gear character for not even good pve, not even solo EV/GC (eapown no atri, armor no atri, no SA. Without any talismans. Without even simple lvl 3 brooches. is 8'674'000'000 adena
    Now Dear Fragola, tell me from where new player can get so much amont playing only main. Because he needs level up so he needs to stay on main without farming awith boxes... even with boxes for new player this amonut of adena is automaticly removing l2 from list of potential RPG game.
    Check for any other mmorpg where gear up character is so hardcore as this.

    6) How to help new players stay longer and join the top content
    Answer is in point 5
    Also this is your job to make your server full of ppl, its your customrs and your money. If you need to ask us what to do to get more ppl. Its definityvly something wrong here. Im not economist, not marketer but even i can see that l2store is crashing this game. This adena nerf/ item nerf not giving any chances for news players. This old engine that make my OC gtx 970 and xeon procesor 15 fps in aden its just pure joke.

    I will not even ask about the ads, because i learnd this evey year that "we are making ads for new players" never saw any ads. never listen someone starter play because ads.
    Always was "because i played long time ago" or "because my friend play"
    Here is your answer for ads. Customer is best ad. I can recomend to my friend this game, but i will not because this amount of adena on start just kick them in face and they will quit untill they will reach 90, when they will know what they need to farm.

    Also there is huge disbalance in classes.
    Fragola log sometimes on core at 20. Check party matching.
    All exp parties are looking for feoh for atelia/gos/gc because they are OP now. me as yul will never be equal with feoh at pve (pvp also :D) but even exp for other classes DD is hard :) so ppl are demotivated to play at open fields
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  10. cmec1

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    oh also would be nice to see some removed content returned back.. like old life stones..
    now its impossible to get augments like skill refresh and etc.. which makes very old players superior against new ones
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  11. yLogy

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    From my personal experience, i also think, Adena to Eur ( L2store ratio ) is real reason why lot of people quitted or gave up. As 1 of leaders from Ramona clans mentioned, this is real problem. Over they years i also think, this was problem.

    L2store price in Euro isnt so important. Important is, how much adena it will cost. And here is major problem. If on top spot u can farm 200kk adena per hour and than u can buy for it 1,5 Euro of L2store. Well, its like working 1 hour for 1 hour. And this u can do solo with uber stacked character. Usually people need to make party for IT, so their profit much lower, so its like working for literally cents per hour.
    Its caused, because that ratio is in favor of L2store buyers. So u can either drop L2store prices or make adena more valuable. Or combination of those 2.

    But U ( Fragola ) looking on items to NPC price and overall system of generating adena different than, atleast me, thought. Propably I didnt express my opinion clear enough.

    I have problem with L2store items who are sold to NPC. That items arent generated by gaming process, but they are generated by people who spent Euros. So its like straight exchange of Euro to Adena.

    But if u do Zakens, or any other instances or whatever, and sell it to NPC, it should be boosted. This is way and your policy how to make enviroment for new players easier and more attractive.

    MY points:
    1. L2store items shouldnt generate adena by selling them to NPC.
    2. Improving farming for people. Higher adena drop rate or boosting instance drops or drops from monsters what can be sold to NPC.
    3. To compensate that boosted adena rate, implement to game a tools, which will take adena out of market. For example more auctions for expensive items, buying some casual groceries from NPCs, like R grade shots / spiritshots, and i personally would even add possibility to buy some exclusive L2store items with adena. Or increase drop rate of GE/EoD so people will buy more Ultimate Jewelry Boxes from mammon etc. There are tools what can be used...

    To attract new players, economy need to be more friendly to farmers.
    As 1 leader of Ramona clan mentioned, they had 250 people in clan who were dissapointed with fact, when they reach lv 100+, they realised they are farming 1 hour and they can buy L2store worth of few cents. Thats a major problem. From my experiences i can add, that another 500 people who played in my clan in the past, mainly left for very similar reasons. Price of items in L2store wasnt general problem.
    Problem was that ratio and i will quote, now legendary sentence from my former mate:

    And it was meant as joke, but that joke is real, thats why its so funny :)

    If a party can farm in top zone 200kk adena per hour, it mean like 30kk per person per hour and L2store ratio is like 1:100+, it mean per hour u make like 30 cents. So yeah... its a problem.
    Main currency is still adena, but this comparision still exists. Especially if lot of end game items are L2store exclusive and even if u put other possibilities for some items, its still more worth to buy it with adena from other players than from NPC. And its ok, no problem with it, i just wanted to explain, why i think people still looks on Eur to Adena rate.
  12. LuckyLuciano

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    That is the problem, so far Innova made all decision exactly leading to this point where people either buy l2store or quit as there is nothing else to do in the game at certain point.

    I would add, that I would not boost instances drop, but open field. People already get tired of routine instance runs, it is nice for change to go outside.
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    A lot of people play here including me just because on Ncsoft server we have delay. So we play here because we want the same experience of the game with no delay.
    But i`m not here to play on a custom made server.

    if you realy want to do something from the server beside removing l2 store(that is the best ideea) at least help people in other way like for exemple:

    First of all -BE FAIR , do not differentiate players =a lot of ppl that have been caught booting selling adena, buying adena have been forgiven.

    Do not allow boxes! why do you need boxes? so the people that have money to box multiple accounts so they can solo raidbosses and wolrdbosses solo?
    Did you check the MAC address of some people that log 14 characters at the time? - in your vision is that ok ? -why are they doing that? take a castle on a box is OK ? ask yourself that.

    In game events that are for free to be at least half beneficial as L2 store events. - Give a chance to non donators to catch up a bit with the TOP donators. (For exaple Christmas event : the best item that you could get in that event was permanent apparence stone :christmas suit. RLY ?Attendance Check that is right now the best thing i can get is agation Joon. RLY? and on dragon event some got dragon weapons)

    L2 store for non donators : The same way that you can purchase from merchant of mammon jewel boxes find other ways so that players that do not have $$$ to spend to get same items from l2 store with ingame items. (exemple 4000 Gemston R = High grade rune set 30 days or 150 GEM R = 1 tarot)

    Check the drop chance : i believe something is wrong (for example in 9 months since i start playing i have kill tauti with my clan a lot of time the only valuable item that he drop in 9 months was 2 tauti fragment)

    Pavel Ruins? why monster in the Pavel ruins there drop more adena and items then anywhere on the server ? lower lvl monster drop more adena then higher lvl monsters?

    Siege and fortress : Guards from castle at siege are a JOKE- make them strong as they are in FORTRESS battle so they realy help the castle owner .Siege Guards deal same damage that they did on "High 5"

    Cursed Sword: Demonic Sword Zariche and Akamanah sword are useless give them meaning! having one now is like having a non grade item.

    PA POINTS ITEMS : Beside Pa Buffs/Fishing Baits/talisman/ the rest are JUNK- fix PA ITEMS.

    Royal Training Camp : fix this also getting 0.1% exp on a complete training for each character no matter the lvl is not fair. 0.1% at lvl 99 is like killing 2 mobs.. but at lvl 105 is like 6 h of farming.

    Offline Shop: try to add an offline shop so i dont need to keep the pc open or be forced to add it to AH so i can pay an extra fee.

    Server Transfer Services : i have seen a lot of people selling items on ramona to go on core and i believe there are people there that want to come on ramona. Make character transfer possible.

    WAR BUG: DURING the siege if someone declare war and after they atack your castle and you defend yourself by killing them you automaticaly start the war and after the siege the war Remain ON and you have to spend 10.000 CRP to stop the war. This is anoying because not being a powerful clan if i dont stop the war people from clan that are low lvl or with low lvl gear will quit from the game .
  14. peking

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    From the "no box" thing, would be a huge riot here, trust me. it would be different if this server would have 5k ppl playing on it. but that would just make things worse like now.

    about pa system.. you are right, most of that are junk.. and i dont understand since a long time.. if its a premium _ACCOUNT_ why we cant trade things at least on the account? i mean not shadow weapons and things.. exp rune, drop rune, etc, or why the feather is already opened (i mean its 24h ***)? at least on the account every PA *** should be tradeable.
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    What needs to be addressed are: L2Store prices, they are hugely over priced. 75 Euro for 50 tarots and 95% of time you get junk, and then think, why the Hell I spent my hard earned money to spend on something and don't get anything valuable. which then makes person to think to quit and do something else, play another game which will cost much less and you will enjoy.
    Personally myself I am buying PS4 game between 40-50£ ever few months and enjoy the game and its contents. But here , you spend, u don't get anything, and then you think, that's the time you stop here and move on from here

    Drop rates are stupidly nerfed. As previous post said, instance drops don't need to be raised(Remove bloody modify scrolls), open field needs. Doing instances got so bored that I cant even be bothered anymore with it. Just all over the same every day. Doing factions that's makes something a bit better but that pretty much it, drops are horrible there.

    PA needs to be fixed, all people are saying this. in 2 years of having Pa every month I managed to get 1 dark armor stone... Really WTF is this BS. 215 Euro and got only this, well that's a joke I say. the only good thing for me from PA is 100% Xp that's it.
    If they increase PA price, fair enough add then Eva Rune for 30 days, leave that 100% XP/SP, increase Camp xp rate as well, and few other tweaks, this will make something a bit better than it is at the moment.
  16. Emeli

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    The motivation for everyone is to achieve something and not every ones goal is pvp. Some players like me are more or less 100% pve interested and they have totally different goals than a pvp player. The problem is that there are less objectives for pve players to achieve and sometimes it is even impossible to achieve them.

    Problem 1 (drop / spoil rate and quest reward):
    As some mentioned before, it is no longer possible to farm items to craft armor / weapon / items for yourself or sell them properly on the marked like in the old days.
    --> Increase spoil / drop rate and quest rewards
    --> Increase the items that can be spoilt

    Problem 2 (War system):
    The war system it is a problem for pve clans and small players since they can only be without a clan in order to not get killed by a high level player. I have seen it myself that lvl 101+ characters hunt in areas like Blood swamp for small enemies.
    --> change the war system back to that both clans need to agree on a war

    Problem 3 (Instance zones):
    Players to enter the instance:
    2: Kartia and Nightmare Kamaloka
    5: Tavern, Ashen Shadow Revolutionaries, Command Post, Altar of Shilen and Crystal Caverns
    7: Baylor, Baylok, Octavius, Istina and Tauti
    14: Epic Istina, Epic Octavius and Epic Tauti​
    Most of the instances require more player then you need to kill it and it is always a pain to find player. It would be a better challenge if you can enter instances with less players.
    Example: Baylok can be done in under 20 seconds from 2 chars
    --> lower the minimum amount of players for this instances (under 5, 7 and 14) to 2 players

    Problem 4 (limitation of in game macros):
    The limitation of macros is a problem for player who are not using a bot or keyboard macro since there not always able to farm exp / adena, items properly. It would already help to allow combining multiple macros or at least increase the amount of lines in the macro to 24. That way normal players would have a chance to achieve things in the game.
    --> increase the macro lines to 24
    --> make the combination of macros possible

    Problem 5 (market system):
    The Auction House is ok but 10 slots are not enough to sell properly. Same times I have to use up to 3 character or even more to sell everything and it is not possible to have a pc always running (it's a waste of energy and more traffic for you).
    --> offline shops
    --> increase the slots in Auction House
    --> a better tracking for the marked like L2WH in the old days

    Problem 6 (L2Store):
    It is not possible for everyone to spend that many or even any real money in the game. Therefore it would be good to bring up a extra system so buy things with Adena from it.
    --> integrate a system to gain items not only for € but for Adena too.

    Problem 7 (Clan activities and reward):
    There aren't that many clan activities for the clan members and only a few amount of rewards for even being in a clan (pvp, buffs, clan hall). Throne of Heroes showed that it is possible to bring up an clan only instance where the clan needs to work together to achieve something. Why not bring this system to the next step and introduce clan raids in an instance zone that drops proper items. This would support the support players and help them to achieve their objectives
    --> Clan instance raids with proper drops
  17. LangleyQueen

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    I got a couple points that are relevant about the itemization ( main thread on balance/ability to PvP):

    1- Lineage 2 IS a grinding game. It always has been. That means that you indeed need a heck lot of time to achieve either good level or good items. What does that mean? It means that it wouldn't be fair to people who have been playing for 6 years ( core) to be on the same point that a player that just started. That is not how a MMORPG works, sadly. That doesn't mean, tho, that it should be impossible to be as strong as the top players without spending an absurd amount of money,without mentioning the "1-time deal/event" items that they had over the years.

    2- Most of the changes that would make the game enjoyable again are beyong Innova's reach. They simply can't do that much as publishers, and surely the developers won't want their profit cut in order to make a "bunch" of players a little more happy( the population of European servers is, among all other regions, a joke,in numbers).

    3-All changes to drops/adena on instances and mobs were made to combat bot abuses. It is only logical to assume that they are treating the symptoms, not the disease: find an actual way to stop Bot programs (the big 2 of them were already stopped, only 1 to go now) and then the drops could back to what it was. That way people would be able to actually farm more time with their main characters instead of with countless boxes ( it is an alternative way of farm, yes, but it wouldn't be MANDATORY)

    4- The dragon clicking process is a matter that it simply shouldn't be tampered with. it is not news that you don't win an RB just because you win PvP. It is not like that in any Raid Boss, and you know it. The way it was before, when 2 or more CC's could enter the dragon was better than how it is right now, but they changed it anyway. That means that every system had and will have a problem. It is up to the sides fighting for it to addapt the strategy and get things done. Brute force isn't going to guarantee you anything ( Take gainak farm, for example, that a simple Iss enchanter can hurt your farm by petrifying the mobs, or a full stun jewels archer could stun you while you pull mobs in atelia/superion and make you die to the mobs).
  18. BeFair

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    Fix the PA system to maybe 2 or 3 Different PAs

    One to just have 100% exp and pa on it , u can log multi boxes and get 100% xp/sp + pa points , 5€
    One where u have 100%exp/sp and Evas rune 30 days 7,5€ ( just an example)

    Cuz many people like to box, nothing bad with it, most used boxes to fish, this is useless now, so atleast lower prices for normal PA to 2box, on ur Main account u could take then the more expensive PA which gives for example Evas rune 30 days and/or Nevit cloak or something

    Also put back the Spoil, cuz now its the most useless char ingame ...
  19. Surprised

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    Sadly they had wrong aproach to this issue, because nerfing adena drops hurts normal players more than the botters, players will get dismotivated to spend hours farming, and not seeing any progress, but the botters? they'll be farming 24/7 either way.
  20. mYzor

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    Some of these sugestions make it very clear what kind of players still have hope on this game, lol.
    Just some tips from my side for those making sugestions:

    Devs, as goodwilled as they surely are, are not all mighty. Meaning, keep the corporate side in mind while making sugestions as they are the ones in charge, not the devs.
    Speaking of corporate, forget price cuts or changes that cut into their money/profit. Those suits do not like (or are not open to) change and often will only accept change, not when the ship is going under but, when their shoes get wet.
    Remember that what brought most of the problems we have today wasnt the L2Store by itself, but how they destroyed an (almost) perfet ecosystem in order to force players into that L2Store.

    Now, for real.. Stop asking for increased adena drop rates, unless you want this game to become a virtual Venezuela.
    If new/low level players cant afford to gear up, then the game needs to provide that gear in great number in order to make it worthless adena wise, so they can afford it.
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